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What I Drive and Why I Drive It

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2009

I just got around to uploading the pictures from my phone to my computer and saw this picture I took, it was a rainy day about two months ago. I saw 4 Honda Elements parked there and HAD TO park mine there too for this great photo opportunity.  IKEA has always been one of my favorite stores (that’s where this picture was taken) I shoved 3 bookcases and two tables in my car and still had plenty of room. A few people were trying their best to tie things on their roof with twine

I’ve had my Element for a little over 2 years now and still love it, I had my doubts about getting this car because I still have to admit it’s pretty weird/ugly looking. But seriously, I didn’t get this monstrosity for it’s looks. I’ve been wanting to get a BMW 7 series  ever since I was 12, now that I can afford it, I can’t afford to give up my Element, plus it’s stupid to pay insurance on two cars. My justification is I can’t put three full size bikes standing up in a BMW now can I?

We recently got a new house and the move was a breeze with this. When I got the 50″ Plasma TV, we just lifted and pushed the entire box into the car and still had 3 seats. It’s a funny and sad sight seeing people throwing away the box in front of the store (which voids any possible returns) angling and trying to fit a TV into their trunk/backseat (warning to everyone, NEVER lay a PLASMA flat, the glass can break)… Gotta love the Element for their usefulness.

This post has been a little too positive for my personality. Since I’m on the car topic, I would just like to say that I HATE all those effing people driving their BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Classes wearing big ass sunglasses and wearing Uggs with a tank top and a mini skirt, it’s one thing if you wear the Ugg when it’s cold, it’s looks plain stupid when it’s 80+ outside. I’m just everywhere today! Anyway my point is that a 3 series and C-Class screams poor, ghetto and stupid. My friend Jon notices F-Sticks (check out his post) a lot because he lives in the Inland Empire of California. I live in Orange County now (Denver, Colorado 0-8, Pasadena 9-17, Riverside 17-22, Irvine/Pasadena 22-now) where I see these…I wonder what are they called. You know people who work in mediocre places leasing a 3 series for $700/month because their credit is bad. Living in an small apartment with 6 people because they charge $2800/month, “But it’s all worth it because it’s “The OC” “. I guess I’ll call them Paris Hilton wannabes…but Hilton can actually make a living.

One Response to “What I Drive and Why I Drive It”

  1. The Mercedes C-class needs to die. The only people who buy them just want to be seen driving a Benz. I’d rather get a top of the line Acura or Lexus for the same price as the lowly Mercedes C-class.

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