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25 Random Things About Me – Not That Anyone Cares

Posted by mikenopolis on February 7, 2009

I’m taking the “Everyone else is doing it, so why not?” route on this. I’ve made fun of people for doing it. But for shitz-n-giggles, I’m putting one here…Facebook is too public.

1.) I’ve held 4 jobs at the same time for 4 years of my life.

2.) I’m a pretty big guy but deathly afraid of most bugs, will literally run for my life.

3.) I fear having children because I’m afraid I will hate them (I cringe at the their cries).

4.) I can count the shots/glasses of alcohol I’ve ever had with one hand.

5.) I’m a clean/neat/timeliness freak (borderline OCD).

6.) I’ve washed my car/cars weekly (except raining) since  before I was driving my parents car.

7.) I got my first job at 12 and have been “jobless” for 2 months since then (knock on wood), I’m now 29.

8.) I have a fascination with guns, knives and weapons in general.I haven’t gotten a gun because I may just be that idiot,  I have anger problems and that’s not safe.  I’m very safe and DO abide by the rules 100% at the range.

9.) My closet is very neat, t-shirts are folded into approximately 12×12 squares, work clothes are hung (hanged?) 1 finger width apart.

10.) I’ve used (and resold) over 80 cellphones (that I can remember) in the past 9 years, but have stop swapping since the release of the 1st generation iPhone, Apple helped with my addiction.

11.) I have very strong morals, I will go far out of my way to help someone who’s nice or innocent. But I also take revenge very seriously (see “anger problem” #8).

12.) Because of my growing up in Denver, Colorado. I have a high tolerance for cold weather, sadly I still hate California because I get hot so easily.

13.) I owe my hometown’s public library $5…they claimed I ripped out some pages in a 40 year old book I borrowed. We had a “hearing” of sorts, they demanded that I pay the fine. I refused and have never gone back, thank you Internet!

14.) I didn’t go to a dentist is 13 years (until I was 22). Apparently I have very good dental genes. No cavities, perfectly aligned teeth, never had braces. now I have to get my wisdom teeth pulled out because they are starting to  pushing my 2 front bottom teeth inwards….I’m in fear…another 13 years? no just put me under.

15.)Women love their shoes and purses. I have an addiction towards messenger bags, sling  bags, attaché cases and laptop bags.

How anyone put 25 of these is beyond me. I’m tired and I highly doubt you cared. Sorry for be wordy, I guess that can be #16.)I’m very detailed, I don’t like being vague, or people who are.)

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