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Wikipedians are Nazis

Posted by mikenopolis on February 19, 2009

I remember the days when anyone could put up a Wikipedia page and no one would regulated it for days. In the recent weeks I’ve been fighting these so called “Wikipedians” or as we like to call them Wikipedia Nazis on keeping a page from deletion. These eff-tards have nothing better to do then to delete pages or flag pages for deletion.

I listen to a daily audio podcast from CNET (owned by CBS) called “The 404” which is a word play on the 404 error message. The 30+ minute show does not only cover technology news, but also popular culture and various subjects in recent news and event. In my life of being at the office for 10-12 hours with retarded old people who knows next to nothing about the tech world, I have no one to discuss my passions with. If I were to have smarter friends and family, the three hosts of this show (Justin, Wilson & Jeff ) would be it. I could actually have a decent conversation with them and not want to slap them….my girlfriend actually asked “what’s that?” when I said something about Linux…it was a sad day. I’m the tech guy for most of the people I’m surrounded by. I can’t even ask someone to pick up a HDD for me because they have no idea what it looks like.

Anyway, what’s with the “Wikipedians”? Why do they keep wanting to delete The 404’s Wiki page? I’ve seen some of their comments, they say The 404 is not notable, or that they have no independent and reliable sources to back them up. I’m sorry, but if you think CNET is not reliable or notable, you obviously have no right patrolling a page regarding tech.

Wikipedians should just be like a librarian. Sit down, tell people to behave and point them to books. A librarian has no right teaching physics, they can tell you where the physics books are and let you discover it on your own. But no more!

Here’s a copy of The 404 Wikipedia page…it may not be up for long as long as these people troll Wikipedia:

The 404

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 404
File:The 404 logo.jpg
Hosting CNET
Updates Daily M-F
Debut January 1, 2008
Genre Technology, News

The 404 is a daily audio podcast dedicated to news both in and outside of the tech community[1]. Originally known as The Dudecast[2], The 404 is hosted by Jeff Bakalar, Wilson Tang, and Justin Yu. It is produced by CNET and has aired daily since January 2008. Randall Bennett co-hosted the first one hundred episodes of the show [3] before his departure from CNET in 2008.[4]

The 404 places an emphasis on listener interaction. Most episodes include user-generated content in the form of email and voicemail. A live video stream is also available which features a chat room where listeners can interact with the hosts during the recording. They are encouraged to submit new topics for discussion or comment about previous topics.




The 404 records live Monday through Friday around 11:00am Eastern Time. Episodes are posted in the 404’s blog a few hours after the live broadcast. Before and after the official recording, The 404 streams a live video feed which is available online. Viewers are able to provide input during the preparation in the pre-show and give feedback during the post-show. However due to scheduling conflicts the length of the live pre/post show has been shortened as of February 6, 2009.


Wilson Tang hails from Tennessee and is an associate producer for CNETtv. He’s a part-time artist and filmmaker and has written and directed several films.

Jeff Bakalar is a gaming editor for CNET Reviews. After spending a few years in the world of film production, he has settled down and currently lives in New Jersey. He’s an avid writer and gamer.

Justin Yu is the assistant editor of home and hardware for CNET. He officially joined The 404 podcast as of episode 101[5]. He covers the reviews of printers and other peripherals for CNET. He is originally from Orange County, California.

Inside Jokes and Common Reference

The hosts of The 404, after hundreds of episodes, have accumulated their share of inside jokes. Here are just a few and a bit of “well known facts” for any new listener who just feels lost.

  • Saskatoon – A real Canadian city [1] which happens to have a unusually large number of 404 listeners and at which Justin Yu constantly jokes about stating it to be in Middle Earth and to be home to [unicorns] and other fictional characters.

Analog Pants

The hosts of The 404 currently have a mini-series going titled “Analog Pants” (a pun of the common term digital shorts)

  • Episode 1: Rick Roll by the Red Balls [2]

Notable Guests

The 404 has been frequented by guests in a variety of fields. Most are technology pundits but other notable guests have included professional snowboarder Shaun White and Clayton Morris of Fox & Friends.

Other guests:

See also


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The 404 Wikipedia has just been deleted AGAIN (about 6 hours after this blog post).  I guess until they become more mainstream they will remain a mystery to the public.

What is surprising is that this is the Wikipedian (Juliancolton) that had the final say…does his user page really justify the control he has been granted? Here it is:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search

See also: User:Juliancolton/About me and User:Juliancolton/Userboxes


Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The 404

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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11 Responses to “Wikipedians are Nazis”

  1. Rana said

    Seriously, totally ridiculous circus going on with this Wikipedia page. There are *so many* sources, too. Keep fighting the good fight!!!


  2. I’ve made some additions… the group of us that are updating the wiki should get together and map out some of this stuff with one of the guys from the show or something. 20-30 minutes on skype or maybe just in the show’s chatroom. Leo Laporte has some really informative wiki pages on each of his shows, i’d like to think that CNET and TWiT are equals.

    Maybe a guide of all the shows produced would help the cause as well as maybe some serious online coverage of the group. Maybe an asian news source would be real interested in interviewing them or something.

    Also, a previous version of the wiki had a list of notable 404 appearances on other shows, I liked that section too.

  3. AMIB said

    If you want to save this article, read this and this carefully, then go looking for sources with some sort of editorial process that have commented on the 404, particularly ones not related to CNET. This means not blogs, not user reviews, not things written by anonymous or pseudonymous authors. CNET isn’t independent from the work they publish, and they have a clear interest in promoting it.

    All of the sources you have are either CNET sites or personal-site stuff, and WP articles do need more than that.

    • mikenopolis said

      Hi A Man in Black – I know I’m coming off as an A-hole, but I truly love the show and would love for them to be notable beyond their parent company…what I’m trying to understand is why this page is being targeted so much. I’m looking at another CNET program and they don’t seem to have any references outside of blogs and CNET sites. What’s the difference?

  4. AMIB said

    It’s been targeted as random chance. Articles are made without regard for the rules for making articles, and cleaned up just as haphazardly. Buzz Out Loud really isn’t any different, and will probably get deleted if it doesn’t improve.

  5. AMIB, thank you for commenting and helping some of us understand the needs and the process. I think the most frustrating part of this is the short lifespan of the 404’s wiki (only a couple of days) and the “random chance” that you mentioned.

    Unfortunately the process seems to remove valid, relevant, noteworthy information. Also, it seems that this would promote those creating and updating wikis to focus almost exclusively on the individual rather than the significant projects this person has worked on.

    It’s likely that this is all rehash of a longer-running discussion regarding wikipedia. Thanks again.

  6. […] Wikipedians are Nazis […]

  7. Wikipedia, what can I say. I have said this two or three years ago. Someone put my bio up on those silly bumpkins. It was the same old thing, “Take it down because we decide who stays and who goes.” i am mentioned in their more famouse pages but screw them. I have been boycotting those idiots for years now. I google.

  8. can you email all the code from the old article that is published here

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