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Frosty Heidi & Frank 97.1FM (in Los Angeles California)

Posted by mikenopolis on February 20, 2009

UPDATE 2013 – I just thought I would update this post with what has happened to this great trio after a few years. They did a podcast show for a bit but are all now fully employed and officiall back on the airwaves! Though they are not all on the same show, I’m happy for their success.

Frosty has separated from Frank and Heidi. After doing some time at KFI 640AM he left and  moved away from LA. He’s been doing a morning show with co-host, Sandy on STAR 101.3FM in San Francisco. Ratings has been strong and the show’s raking is…..#1 within their target demographic (doesn’t surprise me one bit).

Heidi and Frank did a paid podcast program which was very funny since it’s uncensored and I assume it paid their bills since they were doing it for quite a while, then they went to 790AM which is a talk radio station, they were forced to censored themselves a little because the demographic of people that listen to that station is just not a good match, people didn’t get their jokes and seemed to be offended a lot. Luckily, they are now at KLOS 95.5FM in LA. If you live in Los Angles County. You’ve probably seen their huge faces on billboards and buses.

I’m so happy they are all doing well after 97.1’s end. I’ve occasionally turned the dial to 97.1FM and seriously don’t understand the need for yet another pop music station. Maybe I’m just old, but music is not what it used to be and if I can hear the same bunch of songs on 102.7, 104.3, 105.9, 106.7 etc. why have yet ANOTHER station? It’s playing from the same pool of songs!


Today is a very sad day for me. The day after one of my favorite show’s (CNET’s The 404) Wikipedia page got deleted once again, another talk show (Frosty Heidi & Frank, AKA. FHF) I listen to is broadcasting their last show (Links to final show below) on KLSX 97.1 FM. The station is owned by CBS and the board of director decided to go a different route with the station by turning it into a Top 40’s music station. I don’t understand the thought process of the people in charge of making these decisions, but I seriously doubt that the audience of this talk radio show will be listening to the music radio station. They may as well have turned the station off and just have dead air. Ben Tao has posted a blog on the stupidity that is CBS here:

FHF have had the highest rated mid-day show for the past 7 years but apparently with high ratings comes big bonuses. Due to the state of our current economy the station is no longer able to support their talk radio programs with the little sponsors and advertiser that are left.

Here’s their Farewell Video, as you can see they have a HUGE fan base:

What I’m really surprise at (once again) is the individual that brought this issue up and started the train rolling on ending the station. His name is Tom Brown. Brown is a fashion designer who happens to also be a member of the board who decided to cancel the talk radio station.

This is what he looks like, I’ve gotta say he’s not ugly…..but the man needs to learn how to dress (much like many of the celebrities and people in the fashion industry). Why are the people who makes these final decisions always the ones that look like they need the most help?

Pictures are from Zimeo

Didn’t see what the problem is? Here:

Do you want to know what he designed? “Two Man Pants” Doesn’t this look promising?

As I’m posting this, I’m listening to the last show and Frank Kramer has just announced that he’s starting his own radio show called “Blaze Radio” and will be available on For now it will play some of their old shows. I’m not sure what the future will hold for these three hosts. They will make an announcement of “something they have been working on?”. I wish them the best and hope they will be on the radio again. (UPDATE 3/2/09: I didn’t hear too much old shows on Blaze Radio, there was a lot of downtime and music.  Upon reading Frank’s blog, it appears that he did not have a equipments or services necessary to stream the audio he wanted. It was mentioned the FHF was under contract with CBS until September 25, 2009 so there may be no update on their plans until then.  I’m still wishing and hoping)


Update: I finished listening to the whole show and there was no “big announcement” but we did get a farewell video (shown above). I was seriously tearing up watching the video as well as when Frank actually blabbered his goodbye to the audience, Frosty and Heidi.

Here are their current (as of 02/20/09) contact information

Frosty Stilwell
Heidi Hamilton
Frank Kramer

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