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Negligent Mother Smoke With Children In The Her Car

Posted by mikenopolis on May 28, 2009

As I was driving home from work last night, I looked over to my right and saw a woman smoking while she was driving. That would not have been an issue….except she had a toddler and an infant in the back seat, WTF?!?!?

smoking_with_kids2002(ish) Ford Taurus CA License Plate # 5DFH587

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. 95% of the people who have children, are planning to have children or want children are the ones that should NEVER have them. Not only are they not fit as parents, they are not fit as decent human beings. As much as I rant that I hate children (and people in general), I believe with great parenting, there can be great children that will grow up to be an asset to human kind. Sadly majority of the kids I meet does not have great parents.. My mother “physically abused” me as a child. I was on a VERY short leash, I turned out fine *Twitch Twitch*. Children needs to be spanked and slapped around, not hard, but just enough to get the message across, my mom fractured my wrist with an iron rod! What’s the big deal if a parent spanked their child . The law has gotten too soft and protective of our “little angels”. I say we rip the wings off that angel and make sure he/she doesn’t eff up in life.

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Annoying People Everywhere!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 21, 2009

So I’m sitting here waiting to get my new glasses prescription and the annoyance in here has forced me to rant about it from my phone. The receptionist/assistant is a fat mother of six who just won’t shut up about her life. I see get testing under her desk constantly. My appointment was at 3:00pm it’s now 3:39pm and I’ve got two people ahead of me. The lady this with the doctor right now is an annoying old lady who keeps asking questions. Another lady in the waiting room for some reason is telling people not to get lasik becuase she did it and needed glasses after 6 months. I wonder if she went to Dr. Nick. Of course it won’t work well for you. You look 90. Your doctor should have told you that! Great now the fat receptionist is taking personal calls while a customer is waiting for her. Umemploymebt rate is not high enough!

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Just A Few Pictures Of Ghetto Cars

Posted by mikenopolis on May 20, 2009

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London Trip Part 1 of ?

Posted by mikenopolis on May 20, 2009

I’m wordy when I type, but you’ll probably get a one word answer from me if you’ve talked to me. This post is only on my airport experience…there will be more to come as I get chances to write.

Ok, I finally got some time to talk about my one week (May 3, 2009 – May 10, 2009) vacation to London, UK. There wasn’t too much planning involved with this trip. A friend (LB) of ours was heading to London because of a work crisis, apparently their accounting department in the UK office was not well trained/educated enough and was still trying to close their 2008 books even though we are five months into 2009! Her company needed to have everything in order because they were about to make presentations to potential investors. Since the company will eventually be sold soon, she may not get to travel as much and invited us to tag along and stay in her hotel room to cut down our travel expense, she’s so sweet! Due to my girlfriend (MC) and I having two mortgages, two car payments and two sets of utility bills, and various investments. International travel is not a luxury we can afford (we can, but we’re smarter than that, with this economy, Save! Save! Save! I was unemployed for about 2 months before; it felt scary dipping into my savings!)

The last time I flew international was over 10 years ago to my “Home Country” of Hong Kong, I needed to renew my British passport and they needed me to be there physically.  (Hong Kong was owned by the U.K. so I had dual citizenship in Hong Kong and England). I got naturalized to a U.S. Citizen when I turned 18…stupid rule considering that I already lived in the U.S. for 94% of my life at that point! Arriving at the airport I felt like a little kid in a candy store because I have this weird fascination and love for airports, I love the smell, the “foreign” people, the planes, and almost everything about it, yes even the stupid people, they are my entertainment and my motivation behind most of my blog posts.


We had decided to not check any bags in so getting in and out of the airport would be faster and easier. As a typical guy I packed light, just enough clothes for the days I’m there, one power converter and a 5 port power strip, various toiletry and one light jacket. Then my messenger bog, with a folder of travel info and documents, netbook, flashlight, extra batteries for the flashlight and my trusty camera. This may seem like a lot, but everything is neat in two small “luggage”. MC however got stuck at the check-in counter because her carry-on was too big and didn’t fit into their little wire bin that determines the maximum size…. This is when the stupidity started. MC pulled out a jacket from her carry-on and zipped up the expansion partition of the luggage, voilà! It fits, and all is well. Once she got out of there she opened it back up and shoved her jacket back in…..and guess what? it fit in the overhead bin with room to spare!

Old picture from another trip

Old picture from another trip

On to the next annoyance… Security had to be a little bitch and completely take out my netbook from my bag and run it through the x-ray three times, asked me what it was like the idiot that he is, doing this 8 hours a day and you’ve never seen a small laptop? He asked me to turn it on just to prove it. Now I’m standing there with no shoes, no belt, and my $2000 watch is in my shoe, in a basket way down on the other of the conveyor belt thing (I am extremely paranoid about my stuff…explains why I don’t have any pictures of MC and I that were taken “MySpace self-portrait style” because I won’t hand my camera off to strangers…or anyone using a shitty point & shoot).  So now I’m standing there continuously looking to my right to make sure my watch is safe…you know like a nervous terrorist! Back to the stupidity that’s security. When the x-ray security called me over to the side, I had not gone through the metal detector yet,  so after the ordeal, being the safe law abiding citizen that I am, I started to walk back towards the metal detector and the security with the wand told me to go the other way (toward the gates). Ummm excuse me you stupid rent-a-cop, your colleague triple checked my laptop for a bomb, are you sure you don’t want to triple check that these are indeed my testicle and not grenades? I got my belt, watch and shoes from the basket and we headed over to the gate.

While waiting at the gate, I sat behind Rufus Sewell………………. “Who??!?!” you say? That’s what I said, but apparently there were plenty of people who know him and those people did not know the word privacy, common decency, or just STFU! I had to hear all their stupid questions and request for autographs and pictures! Eventually we got on the plane and were on our way across the pond.

More to come…eventually


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London Trip Post…..Soon. Memorial Day coming around the corner

Posted by mikenopolis on May 18, 2009

It’s been over a week since I got back from my vacation in London, UK. I have a lot to say and rant about, but haven’t found the energy and time (at the same time). Work is kicking me in the behind because the company’s annual national trade show is coming up and all the departments are asking for new queries and reports left and right.

Anyway, I’ve always been wordy when writing. I wanted to remind anyone who reads this to remember Memorial day is coming up on Monday May 25th. The reason I say this is people at work got all excited because it’s a day off. It’s sad that no one seems to know what the day is for. Please take a moment to remember the people who served this country. And thank those who are serving. It’s called Memorial Day for a reason, there are already plenty of day you don’t have to work, it’s called the weekends!

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