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Annoying People Everywhere!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 21, 2009

So I’m sitting here waiting to get my new glasses prescription and the annoyance in here has forced me to rant about it from my phone. The receptionist/assistant is a fat mother of six who just won’t shut up about her life. I see get testing under her desk constantly. My appointment was at 3:00pm it’s now 3:39pm and I’ve got two people ahead of me. The lady this with the doctor right now is an annoying old lady who keeps asking questions. Another lady in the waiting room for some reason is telling people not to get lasik becuase she did it and needed glasses after 6 months. I wonder if she went to Dr. Nick. Of course it won’t work well for you. You look 90. Your doctor should have told you that! Great now the fat receptionist is taking personal calls while a customer is waiting for her. Umemploymebt rate is not high enough!

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