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Posted by mikenopolis on June 18, 2009

I can’t say that I’m a safest driver, I do have a lead foot, luckily I drive a Honda Element which feels like a fat person running a marathon when I put my foot down. Although I’ve been known to speed and “pull my stunts” as the gf would call it.  I have yet to get my first ticket after driving for almost 13 years, and she has totaled two cars, multiple accidents and had 4 tickets during the same period of time. Lucky? maybe, but I don’t speed on local/residential streets, I signal at every turn and more importantly I go with the flow of traffic and keep my eyes peeled when going faster than “legal”, also I never go more than 5 miles over the speed limit when it gets dark, too hard to see the cops. Just because I FEEL that I’m a good driver doesn’t mean I don’t have to put on a seat belt, there are too many a-holes out there that will eventually hit me.

One of my friends hate putting on a seatbelt…no actual reason was ever given. She used to drive a old civic and the only thing that happens when you don;t put on the belt is an annoying red light on the dash, now that she drives a newer BMW. She doesn’t put on the belt UNTIL the alert sound comes on. I have no idea why people don’t put on seat belts. It’s second nature to me. I’m so used to it I’ve even started to put it on when I only needed to vacuum my car. Anyway, another friend posted a picture of herself in her car on facebook…it appears that she had click in the buckle so the alert would not sound and she’s sitting on top of the belt. REALLY?!?!? what’s so wrong with protecting yourself from flying out the windshield?



Trust me this girl is VERY much into her looks…you’d think her type would do everything to protect their beauty…then again not everyone’s got their priorities straight. If you don’t die flying out your windshield while your brain sit on the dash, what’s plan B?

One Response to “Seatbelts”

  1. zico01 said

    For a period of time, a previous job employer paid for a taxi to get me to and fro from work, unfortunatley he was a taxi driver who had been through the windscreen once, and STILL did not wear the belt, and wasn’t pretty bothered about doing so either, when the road we were on goes repeatedly from 1 lane, to 2 lanes etc etc, this was a frightning experience !!!!

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