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Archive for June 26th, 2009

Michael Jackson Fan…FRAUD!

Posted by mikenopolis on June 26, 2009

I know most of you are already bombarded with news on Michael Jackson’s sudden death. We are all sad, and it is a great lost to many of us. I’ve said for years “music has gone to the crappers”, The newer “artists” have no latent…just like the actors/actresses, art has become a joke!

I was watching the new last night, apparently this guy has been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1969, has had this poster board in his cubicle for many years. The camera paned to the words “we love you Micheal” and I dropped on the floor laughing.

WTF?!??! how can you be a fan if you can’t even spell his name correctly? Sadly, I had posted this once before , is MICHAEL really that hard to spell, maybe it’s just easier since it’s my name?

I think it’s safe to call this guy a fraud and that he’s only there because he wanted to be on camera!


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