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Michael Jackson Fan…FRAUD!

Posted by mikenopolis on June 26, 2009

I know most of you are already bombarded with news on Michael Jackson’s sudden death. We are all sad, and it is a great lost to many of us. I’ve said for years “music has gone to the crappers”, The newer “artists” have no latent…just like the actors/actresses, art has become a joke!

I was watching the new last night, apparently this guy has been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1969, has had this poster board in his cubicle for many years. The camera paned to the words “we love you Micheal” and I dropped on the floor laughing.

WTF?!??! how can you be a fan if you can’t even spell his name correctly? Sadly, I had posted this once before , is MICHAEL really that hard to spell, maybe it’s just easier since it’s my name?

I think it’s safe to call this guy a fraud and that he’s only there because he wanted to be on camera!


One Response to “Michael Jackson Fan…FRAUD!”

  1. Josh said

    This guy is probably just stupid. Ironically, Michael himself couldn’t spell. I saw a Bruce Swedien interview in which he shows a sheet of paper on which Michael spelled choir “quoir”.

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