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Protective Cases For Phones, Laptops, etc.

Posted by mikenopolis on August 9, 2009

I just has lunch with of my friends and one of our discussions was in regards to how scratched up his iPhone was and how both my gf’s iPhone (my 1st gen) and mine is in prestine condition.

I partly blame this on the Apple corporation. When you purchase an iPod, iPhone or even a laptop from them, they often ask if you would like to buy a case to protect your new toy. What they fail to tell the consumers is that they need to remove the case every few days or at least once a week to clean out the dirt, dust, lent, etc. Why? You ask? Because most, if not all cases are not a 100% dust proof, grime gets in through the edges and the button cut outs and often remain between your nice expensive toys and the case. Since the, lets say iPhone is not 100% fitted into the case (by 100% I mean a perfect fit where the phone does not have any “micro” movements) the Phone will rub against the little particles and the so called protective case. Over time this will create tiny scuffs on you phone!

My friend has had his phone for about a year now and it looks like crap. He has NEVER cleaned it out!

So my word of advise. Check the stuff that’s stuck inside your case and clean it out often!

Sorry for any typos. Typed this out on my iPhone.

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