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Infomercials Are Stupid, Yet Funny & Entertaining

Posted by mikenopolis on September 16, 2009

I was watching a documentary about Bees (yes, I watch some weird stuff) and was too lazy to fast forward during a commercial break. As I was slowly dozing off, a short infomercial started and I was wide awake laughing. They were selling plastic containers where the lids and containers are the exact same thing, so you can make a container with twp container bottoms to hold something really tall or use two lids to hold a slice of bread.

No, I was not excited about the containers, it was their sales pitch that entertains me. As usual, it started with the famous line…”Has this ever happened, or this? Do your container just make a mess? Say goodbye to dirty counters! introducing the revolutionary…….”

So you see a woman with a container of spaghetti, fill to the top….then maybe two cups above the rim, next thing you know she puts the lid on and smashes it down, waddaya know?!?! the excess food is now all over the counter. The camera pans out and the woman is shaking her head with disappointment.

Like the Closetmaid Organizer infomercials where they claim to make your closet all nice, neat and give you more space (what you don’t see is them throwing away 2/3 of the junk and clothes). This commercial also claims to clear out your pantry! Here are the “before” and “after” pictures. In the before scene I see there are way over 10 items, where did they all go?

BeforeAfterI’m not saying I’m the cleanest person around, but really are there people that dirty and messy, and if they are, are containers really going to change that? If you are dumb enough to over fill a container with two cup of extra food and attempt to close it. You need to die.

I need to come up with a product to sell! I can see it now, my product, the revolutionary auto flusher for your house, for those who forget to flush…starts with a scene of a overflowed toilet, a guy walks into the bathroom and sits on the mound of feces where the toilet is buried, camera pans out, he’s shaking his head…”Has This Ever Happened To You?!?!? Introducing the revolutionary auto flusher…”

“Shitty” ideal? Your ideas are welcomed, we’re gonna be rich!

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