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Living On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Posted by mikenopolis on October 20, 2009

Every morning on my way to work, I have to drive past a railroad track, there are usually a quite a few commuter trains rushing by in the early hours. There is a traffic light about 30 yards after the railroad crossing and that light seems to be on red more often than not.  On many occasions people would stop right on the tracks when traffic is backed up. Keep in mind there are three lanes and an island, if the gate closes and the train is coming there’s really no where to go except straight to hell.

I’ve complained about stupid people many times, I’m not that smart, but I am logical. Why would you literally park your car on the tracks?!?! If you want to get killed, don’t do it at an intersection, at best, the train will kill you and push your car into another car causing only your death. At the worst, the train will derail killing you, many people in the train and a few drivers close to the gate.

I can see it now,  “Man dies in car while taking crappy photos with his phone as a train barrels down on him” to this I say:  “Sir,  YOU SUCK!”

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