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A Year Of Hate And Anger Is Coming To An End

Posted by mikenopolis on December 31, 2009

This year hasn’t been great but so far nothing truly bad has happened.

I’m truly thankful that I have an employer who appreciates me…a very little, although they didn’t appreciate me enough with the lack of a raise, at least I still have job.

I’m still thankful that Obama was elected, not that I’m 100% siding with him, but McCain and Palin was just not a good idea…especially Palin. Obama’s win proves that racism is not as bad as I thought, either that or racist people don’t know how to vote.

Many have asked me “Mike, why do you hate so much…” And I agree, I hate a lot of things, a lot of people, even a lot of food. It doesn’t help that we are constantly surrounded by idiots, if you don’t think this is a fact then you either work in a very good edumacated environment or you yourself is an idiot, I’m sorry you really are. If you really don’t see that you are surrounded by idiots you are retarded, go see Idiocracy and understand what I think our future holds for us.

I’ve slowly come to a realization that my hatred towards stupid people may be killing me, and frankly it is a waste of the little energy I have. So I’m going to try to hate a little less starting 2010 and just walk away from them. No one and nothing should be worth that much anger. If anything I need to control my temper and anger issues for the ones around me, last thing I want is for someone to get hurt because of my stupid action under the influence (of anger/stupidity). This is why I blog and use twitter….it’s my rant to ease the pain

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