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My Every Day Carry (EDC)

Posted by mikenopolis on March 31, 2010

I haven’t had much to rant about recently because of Twitter, I think my next post will be on a review of the iPad whenever they have a camera version…or unless by some weird chance I win the so called “contest” from MediaFunnel. I have to annoyingly post a sentence daily on Twitter for a chance to win, but if it’s free why not right?).

So today I thought I’d just post something, anything really.

Ever since I got my desktop computer stolen from my college apartment in 2000 I’ve started carrying a laptop with me. Wow! I have been carrying one almost daily (usually not weekends) for the past 10 years! Over the years I’ve added more and more stuff into my everyday bag and today I realized that I may just have over done it a bit.

I know usually EDC is meant for what you carry on you,the person, but I don’t know what else to call this, “what I carry in my man purse”? I carry a pretty big messenger bag to work. I love this bag because of all the separate compartments that keeps all my gadgets from scratching each other (I’m really big on keeping my stuff in good condition since I sell almost everything I have when I upgrade).

I need to lighten up my load, it’s ridiculously heavy, this is what’s in my bag and person Monday-Friday (some Saturdays)

On Person:
1.) iPhone 3Gs
2.) Knife (usually my Kershaw 3200 “Ripcord”)
3.) Keys
4.) Wallet
5.) Watch
6.) Pen

In Bag:
7.) Flashlight (now it’s an old SureFire 6P upgraded with CREE LED for battery life)
8.) MultiTool (Leatherman, The classic first one)
9.) Laptop (MacBook Pro/Dell Mini 10/HP TC1100 Tablet, I switch between these)
10.) USB cables (3 Mini/ 1 Micro)
11.) FireWire cables (1 FW400/ 1 FW800)
12.) iPod sync cable
13.) Memory card reader
14.) Nintendo GameBoy Micro (with Mario Bros 3)
15.) Camera (Casio EX-S12)
16.) 2 iPods (160gb for Music, 20gb for Podcasts)
17.) Pens (1 fine Sharpie, 1 bold Sharpie, 1 Pen)
18.) Chapstick
19.) eBook (Sony Pocket Edition)
20.) Video Camera (720p Sanyo CG10)
21.) Battery Pack (charges via USB cable)
22.) USB thumb drives (various 16gb, 4gb, an old 8gb MicroDrive)
23.) 250GB external HDD
24.) Chargers (onc each for, laptop, camera, video camera, and GameBoy)
25.) Earphones (the one’s the give you with iPods)

I know, it’s insane! I really only carry it from the house to the car, from the car to the office where it sits all day long, I would not carry all this if I had a more “active” job. I know I don’t need most of the stuff everyday, but I do use many of them fairly regularly. I wish I had a scale here just to see how much this all weighs. Women’s purse ain’t got nothing on me on a work day!

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  1. most cheap USB Cables are not very durable and it can cause errors in data transfers too :

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