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This Month I Made It Official…er

Posted by mikenopolis on May 17, 2010

This is me from the “PAST” writing this post that will appear in the near future (after May 13, 2010). If everything went according to plan, I would have asked my girlfriend one of the most important question in her life one month before her 31st birthday at the top (near top) of New York City…at least I’m planning it there. The reason I’m not sure how and when this will happen is because it looks like it will be raining in NYC while we are there, 5 day forecasts are a bit iffy so maybe I’ll luck out and it will rain the days after and not the day of the planned date.

M.C. and I met when I was 13 and she was 14. She said yes to being my girlfriend three years later at 2:37pm on a Sunday afternoon outside my work…almost 14 years after that I FINALLY asked her to marry me…on one knee with a proper engagement ring. I’ve always been the romantic/traditional one in the relationship, the one who wanted a white wedding in a church (even though I’m atheist/agnostic, growing up with a Buddhist father and a catholic mother killed what little faith I had) white picket fence, 2.5 kids, a dog and a cat. She wants a shotgun wedding in Las Vegas or City Hall. She said love doesn’t need a ring and I said that marriage will never have the meaning it deserves as long as divorces are legal and practiced. In some ways we do think alike on the subject of marriage. We are as committed to each other as can be. We (still) do not plan to have children, so a paper from the state of California legally binding us together isn’t really meaningful.

A few years ago we both got matching rings for each other as a symbol of our commitment to each other because I felt that something was better than nothing….and because I feel like I have the need to sound like a real man, I tell people it’s because the ring “looks awesome!” Really it is, there are 10 tiny diamonds suspended between two metal bands! Here’s a picture of those rings (Damiani D-Side):

We had agreed that those would one day be our official wedding bands, or at the very least, mine, but because I have already given up most if not all of my younger dreams (listed above) I still feel that the engagement ring and official marriage proposal needs to be part of our lives. So today, with this ring, I asked her “Will You Marry Me?” and since this is me writing from the past, I’m hoping today she said “Yes”.

For those of you who knows us both personally, please don’t tell anyone…I mean anyone! If I know her…and I do know her, she would want to let most people know personally and not find out from people who goes through my blog, twitter, facebook, text, etc. This will only be our engagement “period”, If you don’t know how much a wedding cost, then don’t ask us when it will be. If you know how much a wedding cost, we accept donations to the cause. We are not poor, but we do have two mortgages to pay and property tax on those are a biatch. We have much bigger future plans for our money than to “waste” it on one day…..and no we will not do it on credit and hopefully pay it off. I know someone who got married on credit, got divorce and is STILL paying off that beautiful wedding years later.

If we were to have a “big” wedding gathering, I do have a date “planned” not because it’s an anniversary or any other special occasion day, it’s a bit long from now. Call me a dork or a nerd, but it is calculated, and luckily it is on a Saturday…. JULY 6, 2013. On this day, we would have been a couple for 50.XX% of our lives. I had to round it off because of our age difference.

On Thursday, July 4, 2013 I would’ve been her boyfriend for exactly 50.00000000% of her life.

On Sunday, February 17, 2013, she would’ve been my girlfriend for exactly 50.0000000% of my life

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