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Weddings…Dumbest Way To Spend Your Money

Posted by mikenopolis on July 7, 2010

A friend of mine was recently interviewed in regard to financially planning a wedding and I thought I would once again verbalize my thoughts and feeling on the matter of marriage and money. Here’s the interview:

Thanks for the info Simon & Drexelle! Simon, you need to start telling people to stop thinking about wasting their money on weddings! This is why we are trying our best to persuade everyone we don’t need a wedding in the traditional sense. Although either one of us has any debt beyond our cars and the $4,000 or so for our undergraduate studies. We are not fond of the idea of an “average” wedding cost of $30,000. We do own two properties where that kind of money can be spent on wisely…That’s a few years worth of property taxes! We could do a lot of comfortable traveling on $30,000. Can you imagine what kind of honeymoon you would have on that budget?! Call us weird and cheap, but we are not spending that much money so my fiancĂ© can wake up before the sun is out, walk around for the rest of the day in heels until the tears starts to flow and her friends and family can show up at 5pm just to “celebrate” our union.

There is too much planning just for a one day event. I have been to so many weddings were the bride just wants to go home and lay down. My own cousin had the flu on her wedding day, and was sick for 5 days after, probably didn’t help that she was up late every night in the week leading up to the day. I know three couples that are divorced, the worst one was when the wife found out the husband cheated on her, she went and had a threesome just to get back at him…yes, two dudes at once (picture it…and…let it go). I know a wife that now realize the husband has a bad tempter AND is physically violent, she realize that she is clinically depressed. I know a husband that knows the wife married him for his money and he doesn’t care as long as he gets to have other girls on the side….she doesn’t care as long as she gets to live the life….THAT was definitely not a $30,000 wedding.

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