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One Week With The iPad, My View/Review

Posted by mikenopolis on August 14, 2010

I am typing this on the Apple iPad, we’ll see how well it goes. I’m awkwardly sitting here with one leg crossed and the iPad is sitting on the bag (man purse) I use to carry it.

At the time of writing this I have owned the device for a little over a week and have carried it everyday with the exception of the weekend. In short, my opinion of the iPad has not changed from my initial thoughts of the device prior to the purchase. Yes, it is a great useful product, and no it really doesn’t do much more than my iPhone or my laptop. It is convenient, got a larger screen, long lasting battery life and there is no boot up time. It is considered cheap if you think $600 is not a lot of money (I got it with $200 worth of gift cards so it was not as painful of a purchase, but take the case and bag into consideration, it adds up). I’m planning on eventually getting the OtterBox Defender case but at the MSRP of $90, I will have to wait until the iPad 2 is announced so the prices will drop.

I carry a laptop with me on a daily basis, sometimes for work reasons, others for personal entertainment. I have found this device lacking when it comes to doing real work (at least in my line of work), but when it comes to personal use such as casual gaming, viewing videos and just browsing the web, this device is enough. For those who say “why do you need an iPad if you have an iPhone?”. Like I mentioned, this entire post is being typed on the iPad, to type this much on an iPhone would be uncomfortable, not to mention, just be plain stupid. This is not really a device of “need” but rather “want”. I do majority of my non-work internet browsing when I’m not at work. I have plenty of computers all around the house, I’ve got laptops and a netbook, but when I lean back and relax I don’t pull my laptop towards me, it sits on the coffee table and would require me to slouch over in order to use it. For years I’ve used my HP TC1100 tablet computer for my couch-topping (laptop-ing on the couch) that machine did the job…at 3.1 lbs and a lot of heat after 20 minutes of medium use, that battery last a little over 3 hours and requires a Wacom digitizer/pen. What I did not enjoy about that tablet was the onscreen keyboard. Unlike the iPad which has a near full size keyboard, the TC1100 has a small onscreen keyboard that you have to poke at with the pen, if I was trying to type this post up with that it would take a vey long time and be very frustrating, the great thing about having a Wacom is that it makes drawing and drafting (one of my many hobbies) really easy. The TC1100 does have a keyboard attachment, however if you were to carry that together with it then it’s tablet form is pointless. This is the reason why I enjoy the iPad, typing is obviously not as natural as a physical keyboard, there’s not tactical feedback and touch typing is difficult, but I’ve typed this much without too much trouble and frustration. Being able to type something without pulling out a pen or attaching a keyboard is what makes the iPad attractive.

When the iPad was announced, like many others, I was disappointed that there was no front facing camera in it, I don’t care for a back facing camera since that would look ridiculous being used as a camera. but being able to video chat via something like skype would be useful, they are probably holding out until the next iteration. I was happy with majority of specs and functions but felt that it would be a waste of money getting it since the second or third generation would probably be faster and/or better because Darth Jobs/iGod has a history of announcing a new versions of products annually. However with the later announcement and release of the iPhone 4, the front facing camera in an iPad was no longer an issue. I would eventually get that or iPhone 4G, iPhone 4GS, iPhone 4S anyway (or whatever they want to call it, my contract would not allow me to get it until March 2011) so there was no point in having another device with a camera. And there is also no point in having the 3G version if you already have a smartphone, don’t go and pay twice for spotty AT&T service.

If you ask me “Should I wait for the next version?” I would say yes…and no. Yes because the next one would most likely be better, faster and probably would have a or two cameras (it’s only logical), thinner, etc and no because it may cost more, I say this because Apple may have been able to keep the iPhone 4’s subsidized price at $200 even with that beautiful Retina display, I don’t know if they can negotiate a 9.7″ Retina LCD that low, so the lowest end iPad 2 or 3 may start off at $699 to even out manufacturing cost. Unlike the iPhone which has gone down in price since its debut in 2007, the iPad price is not subsidized by a cellular provider. Take the Mac Mini for example, I believe the base model used to be $499 when it was first announced/released, then it was $599, the current base model is $699. There MAY be a possibility of a price increase over time. If your needs are the same as mine and you know what to expect from this “not a computer” device, it is a great device to have.

Don’t spend an insane amount on a stand, a $0.99 plastic business card holder will do just fine. Go check out my video on this

10 hour battery
Instant on
Light weight (compared to a laptop)
I typed this entire post from it. No visible battery usage yet!

Initial cost
High cost of cases/bags/accessories
Wifi signal inconsistency
Very specific charger needs (Don’t think a powerstrip WITH USB ports can charge this!
Already purchased iPhone apps looks horrible (Pixelated) in “2X” and doesn’t even use the full screen!

Example of what an iPhone app/game looks like at “2X” on an iPad. As advertised, it does run, but it’s very pixelated, which mean you will have to buy the iPad version if you want the same app to look good and do the screen justice. I don’t think the Retina display can make it into an iPad at a low cost. With the recent rumor of a 7-inch iPad, there may be a possibility of that, however, would the keyboard’s usability be sacrificed?

iPhone game at 2X

Made for the iPad

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