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Do You Wear Your Shoes IN The House?

Posted by mikenopolis on August 30, 2010

Like many people I know, I was brought up and accustomed to removing my footwear upon entering my house, I also ask others if they would like me to remove my shoes when entering their place of residence. We have a box of disposable show covers near the front door for service people to use. We also wipe our dog’s feet, “wiener” and “butt” after every walk in case he does the ever so adorable ass scoot. Some people who witnessed this screams “WHAT?!?” and thought it was stupid that we “wipe the dog” with baby wipes. Those people obviously have never seen skid marks in the carpet.

Recently I had a conversation with a few co-workers in regards to this subject, some do not remove their shoes in their house, one outright told me not to ever invite her over because she finds it rude to have guests remove their shoes and that she has just turned around and left when someone does this, I on the other hand thought she was rude for not doing what the homeOWNER asks. One ask why they can’t just wipe their shoes off at the foor (“that’s what the door mat is for”). Although I believe it has something to do with the fact that I’m Asian and that I was brought up with this “habit”. I’m sure taking off the shoes you’ve been walking around with in public all day long would be a sanitary thing to do. To me it is common sense to leave the outside, outside. I’m a guy, I pee in public restrooms where I’d be lucky if I’m not standing in a puddle of piss! I’ve witness business “mopping” where they just swish around blacken water left to right and right to left. What makes you think your shoes are clean with a simple shuffle on that magical doormat?

The fact that carpet cost money (we paid $3000 for the very small amount of “higher end” carpet we have, rest is wood and ceramic tile) makes me VERY careful with what goes in and out of the house. I remember another co-worker who once had a fit because her apartment management was not willing to change her carpet, she said she’s lived there for 3 years and it was getting very dirty, she even brought in picture to the filth because she was going to sue the managment. They told her they don’t change carpet unless they were 5 years old or for a new tenant. Her and her husband are smokers, they smoke in the house and have three kids, that’s a lot of smoke fumes…or whatever smoke residue is called and 5 pairs of shoes running around, what do you think was going to happen to that carpet?

I once had a roommate (white) that didn’t understand the idea of why shoes are not allowed in the place of our residence. I think she thought it was an ethnic or racial thing. The reason I say this is because I saw her walking out of the house in her bare feet, and then walking back in 20 minutes later (no idea where she went). When I asked her to not do that again, she said “but I wasn’t wearing my shoes”. I told her to take a look at the bottom of her feet….she look and still had no idea what the problem was. It was filthy BLACK!

When we had our house carpeted during our move in two years ago, we just left a few leftover pieces inside the house at the entrance way where our shoes goes. Below is a picture of the different carpet pieces. The top piece is roughly what the original new carpet looks like. This piece is still a little dirty and darkened because we left it as the first step AFTER the shoes come off. The bottom piece was at our garage entrance where most of the traffic happens, that’s why it is the dirtiest. The middle piece is from our front door where not too many people come through. Just look at how gross that is! Yes we do have outdoor mats where we stomp and wipe out shoes off PRIOR to touching these pieces. There was no walking involved with these, this is just where we PLACE our shoes. How do people walk INTO their living spaces with their shoes on…or worst…those of you who get in your bedroom or bed with shoes on! If at this point you say “You can shampoo the carpet or get it professionally cleaned.” You are not getting the common sense point I’m trying to make. You are living with OUTSIDE filth INSIDE your house!

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