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I Want THIS True Multitasking in Apple iOS 5.x For iPad 3

Posted by mikenopolis on March 14, 2011

I never thought I would like the iPad as much as I do. I know for a fact that it is not a necessity by any means. I have plenty of computers, laptops, dedicated portable media player, few computers dedicated for the TV’s and an iPhone. What I really like about the iPad is the instant on factor, for years I have been too lazy to look up something because I didn’t want to boot up a computer. I still say the iPad is just a big iPod Touch/iPhone but the large screen does make everything easier.

This weekend as I was watching a movie and I wanted to look up something on IMDB. If I was on my computer, I would just use my dual screen. Although the current iOS supports multitasking, it is not true multitasking. I need to pause the movie, open Safari, do my search, then start the movie back up once I’m done. The iPad’s screen is large enough (This would give the user roughly TWO 7″ displays) and I’m pretty sure the newest Apple A5 Processor would be more than able to handle what I’ve “rendered” below. None of the tablet competitors have this functionality as of yet. I think if Apple’s team made this possible in next year’s release of iPad 3 and iOS 5 It will solidify their rank in the tablet market.

One Response to “I Want THIS True Multitasking in Apple iOS 5.x For iPad 3”

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