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Minor UPDATE on Alexandra Wallace

Posted by mikenopolis on March 17, 2011

According to sources in the school administrations, Ms. Wallace graduated from Fair Oaks’ Bella Vista High School in 2008.

I mentioned in my previous post that I wondered where she was originally from to be so ignorant to the population of Southern California. Turns out Fair Oaks California is a predominately White community with 83.3% Caucasian and only 4.5% Asian….I don’t even want to know what she thinks of Black people, that’s 0.7%.

One Response to “Minor UPDATE on Alexandra Wallace”

  1. Chingchong Linglong said


    Her dad is named John Alan Wallace. He is also known as John LC Wallace. He owns [CENSORED], a retail property development company in Elk Grove, CA. Their address there is:


    John Wallace is one of your biggest crackers in the world. Here’s some more info on him:

    John Wallace is the Managing Member of [CENSORED], LLC, a real estate development and management company based in Sacramento, California. [CENSORED] is a small center specialist, and has developed small open centers in Northern California since 1984.

    During his 30 years in the commercial real estate business, John has negotiated over 800 leases with international, national, regional, and local tenants in his portfolio projects and managed projects. As a consultant, John has provided expert testimony to the legal profession for the past 15 years, and has authored several periodical articles and newspaper columns, and an educational series of nationally distributed tapes “Leasing Small Shopping Centers.”

    John was Assistant Professor at CSUS, Sacramento for seven years, and taught marketing and advertising to hundreds of students–some of who have become clients and vendors. His blending of the precepts of academia with his practical and street real estate knowledge defines and differentiates his entire approach; creating small centers that serve their unique community while contemporaneously providing a successful and sometimes cutting edge venue for a variety of retailers and service providers.
    John has an MBA from CSUS, Sacramento, is a member of the International Council of Shopping Centers, and is active in local charitable and political organizations and activities. He has been a featured speaker at several real estate conferences in the Western United States on a variety of timely topics.
    A confirmed workaholic, he loves his time with his wife and daughter. His other passions include fly-fishing, traditional Southern Pit BBQ, and travel.

    Employment History

    Owner: [CENSORED]
    Managing Member: [CENSORED]
    Shopping Center Developer
    Elk Grove Online
    Assistant Professor: CSU

    Member of International Council of Shopping Centers

    Education: MBA, Cal State Sacramento

    He also runs the website and his email there is [CENSORED]

    No one visits that site, though. His last posting was in 2009.

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