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Being an Optimist, Where to Draw The Line?

Posted by mikenopolis on July 12, 2011

A friend of mine posted this on Facebook:

“In a down Economy there is SO much money to be made.. If you don’t know how then you need to get educated–FINANCIALLY EDUCATED. Working SMART ALWAYS pays more than working HARD. .”

“Financial Term of the Day: RESIDUAL INCOME–Doing work once and getting paid over and over and over again off that same work. Also referred to as passive income. This is how the wealthy get their riches. Punching a clock is not the way to build wealth. It’s a way to be a slave to the system. Trading time for a little bit of money is a way to die slowly on someone else’s terms. Our J.O.B. dictates when we wake up, when we can eat lunch, when we can go to the bathroom, when we can take a smoke break, when we can go home, etc. Find a way to make residual income and you will be able to invest your strong work ethic to create lasting wealth for you and your family.”

I’m pessimistic, the glass is always half full….and probably of poison! I was taught that working hard is what gets you places, but before you get to that you have to be smart, and before you get to be smart you have to be educated. So like majority of the people I know, I went to college, got a degree, got a full time job, proved myself, got promotions and raises along the way, worked a few years, saved up, bought a car and house with no help from others….I paid my way through life by myself. I went to college with loans that I had to repay. I’m not patting myself on the back, this is what we should do!

At no point in my life did I say I want to get paid, but not have to work for it and think it was actually going to happen! I’m sure we all like to get paid for doing nothing. But my mentality is that it can’t happen to me. It is not something I actively seek for. I believe in working hard…at least harder and better than the ones around me. I am doing what I enjoy because at the end of most days I feel accomplish, I’ve EARNED my pay.

I’m not saying being this optimistic is bad, you just need to know not everyone can “make it”. At some point you may want to give that DREAM up and get a job….the friend who posted this has not held down a job for a few years now. Hasn’t been actively looking, just sleeping in and partying whenever and wherever. Must be great to have that kind of financial support from your family. Some of us are fully functioning individuals….also known as adults, I too dream of striking it rich, but I know it’s a dream, until that plan A works out, I’m sticking to plan B (AKA “Punching a Clock”). People who are this optimistic only has plan A and say “what plan B?”

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