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UC Riverside Policy 450-90 Proposal to Ban Skateboards, Skates & Scooter

Posted by mikenopolis on September 17, 2011

It’s been a long while since I’ve had anything to rant about. I guess life has been good, or at least unadventurous.

Like many others, my college experience consisted of me not having a car as my parents thought I would party hard if I had a car which shows how little my parents understand their introverted child (A Little About Myself )! So without a car I was obsessed with alternative transportation. I rode my bike often but having to find a place to lock it before entering a classroom can be a hassle. In order to get to my destination quick and easy, I also rode skateboards, something called a Stowboard, push scooters and electric scooters throughout my years in college.

I just read that the University of California Riverside (specifically the Associate Vice Chancellor Charles Rowley)  is proposing a ban on these vehicles. Although I see their concern in regards to pedestrian safety, I don’t think a ban is the best way to handle it. There are those who use these vehicles recklessly, these people usually don’t have a sense of politeness, then there are those who are like me. I’ve always watched where I was going, slowed down and walked my board when it’s crowded. I don’t remember the exact time we had between classes if they were back to back, but I believe it’s 10 minutes. Have these administrators ever walked from, let’s say Physics 1000 building to the University Village. 10 minutes is seriously pushing it… especially in that Inland Empire heat!

UCR Policy 450-90 (Proposed)

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