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Scanning Pictures From Old Albums

Posted by mikenopolis on October 24, 2011

I have been thinking about digital-izing (is that a word?) all of my family’s media for a while. I did a small box of videos and made them into DVDs and put them up on a private family YouTube account. This past weekend I spent some time scanning photo albums for my FiancĂ© and myself. It was fun seeing ourselves as a child. I miss those days when life seemed to be all fun and games. I have no idea how my father made it all work being the only working person in the family.

My view on life & religion changed dramatically after my father died. I was raised by a Catholic mother and Buddhist father. They respected each other’s beliefs and I did whatever they asked, I went to church and I also went to temples, but I never believed in the deity itself, just the lessons they teach. When my father died I wished there was a God so I can hate and blame someone or something for it.

As I look at the thousands of photographs of my father when he was around my age I start to think maybe I shouldn’t be camera shy. Not too many people have pictures of me since I’m usually the picture taker and I turn away the second I see a lens pointed at me. I teared up a lot when I was scanning these. I miss my father, my mentor, my friend and I hate the fact they he never lived long enough to play with all the technology we have today. When he died he was still using dial up with a 56K Modem, Pentium III, Zip disks, and a CRT. Now I have 15 or so computers (only three or four are performance machines, the rest were bought from my work as they started to replace their old machines…mostly P4s and Xeons or Core2Duos which I clean, replace/upgrade parts)

My father, William. Back row, 3rd one from the right. Yes he has a crutch, he's had one leg since he was a child (construction accident)

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