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Women Changing Last Name After Marriage…Yay or Nay?

Posted by mikenopolis on February 20, 2012

So…We are finally planning our wedding after being a couple for almost 16 years. And some people are starting to ask my fiancé if she will be changing her last name to mine, she says no, I also said no. Frankly I’m not fond of my last name. There are maybe a handful of times in my life where someone pronounced it correctly on the first try. And to this day plenty of people who KNOWS me forget how to spell all FOUR letters, it’s plain insulting!

Her sister recently got into a huge argument with her boyfriend in regards to this very topic (for like the billionth time). He is demanding that when they get married, she changes her last name to his. He is actually really pissed off that she’s refusing to do so, AND they are not even engaged! I’m already seeing future issues since he is one of those people who are “traditional” and view females as a less equal being, that women are meant for cooking, cleaning, rearing children, etc….yet she earns three times what he does and works 100% harder that his laid back lazy self. The biggest problem with those two is that they grew up in a totally different household/lifestyle, he has never had to work in his life, parents own their own business and he never needed to lift a finger. She on the other hand grew up in a low/middle class working family and she worked very hard for what she has today.

This makes me wonder WHY in the year 2012 people still do this name change thing besides the fact that it is what other people have done for years? The only reasonable reason I can think of is that it makes things easier if you have children so that the family has the same name, otherwise it’s just complicated having to go through all the paperwork to make that new name legal.

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Silver iPod Nano 8GB 6th Generation STOLEN – Serial #: C8NGYW53DCMN

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2012

Did you recently get your hands on a 6th Generation iPod Nano? If the serial number is: C8NGYW53DCMN it was stolen from me. A police report has been made. And if you are the person who stole it, I don’t hate you, I just think it was a douche move on your part for stealing something that’s only $129 MSRP.

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