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Why Having a Child Seem IMPOSSIBLE to me

Posted by mikenopolis on February 21, 2013

My wife and I said we did not want children for many years, but in the recent months, she’s changed her mind and is thinking about having two? (more than one, as she thinks only child-s turns out “weird” like me). We are not 100% seriously on the matter at the moment. I was never opposed to having children, it was more that I didn’t see a reason to have them.

Now that we are seriously discussing the IDEA of having a child I’m seeing a major problem. I have a full time job, she has a full time job. Neither one of us can afford to be a stay at home mom/dad. So who’s going to take care of the child? Some of you might be saying, the grandparents….if you’ve ever met them you’ll realize they cannot be trust to take care of a turnip. Second of all, we live 40-60 minutes away from them so it would not be possible. Nanny? I don’t trust people with replaceable things, not sure how I feel about a one of a kind child that can’t be repurchased off eBay.

I don’t know, I understand that there’s never a “right time” to have a child. But the way I am it would always be a wrong time. We need a job that includes a day care for employees. This chapter of or lives will just have to be TBD for the next few years I guess.

One Response to “Why Having a Child Seem IMPOSSIBLE to me”

  1. l4y said

    Hey, I grew up w/ a nanny and I turned out.. okay, not great, but could be worse ;)

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