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Split in the Path of Career

Posted by mikenopolis on May 17, 2013

Recently, after a few years of repetitive work/tasks, I was given a better opportunity at work. The down side is that I will no longer truly do what I was trained/taught to do since the release of the personal computer to the masses, thus, my career path would drastically change. After a week of thinking, I decided to take the offer that was on the table and will undoubtedly pursue it with the same effort as I always have when it comes to work. Full speed ahead.

It wasn’t that I didn’t like my previous job/work or that I wasn’t getting paid enough. But at the end of the day, the company I work at revolves around a national food and healthcare provider business. It is REALLY hard to explain what it is this company does. But basically, when places like a USC’s campus eateries orders food or a nursing home orders bed sheets they would get a horrible deal if they didn’t go through companies like ours. This company have contracts with thousands of facilities and companies so every business, big or small would get the bulk order discount price without necessarily ordering a lot. And we get paid a percentage of their savings, and having been involved with the numbers, they save a LOT, therefore the company makes a lot too.

Being on the technical side of this type of company creates somewhat of a glass ceiling. There are only so many positions I can get to before a salary cap and I really had no place to go in this position and company unless someone leaves or dies at their desk.

Taking on this new position was actually a pretty hard decision to make since there would be a learning curve and since it’s not tech related, I’m not sure how well I’ll handle it as tech is pretty much all I know. I’m a jack of many trade, this ain’t one of them…yet. I was told that my Excel and database skills will come in handy, the problem with that is that these are the people who depended on me for data integrity. Doesn’t this mean I’m going to be doing both my old job and my new job…and I’m not getting two people’s salary? Time will tell if this was the right move. There are people here that has done this stuff for over 30 years. I’ve seen quite a few of them retire and let’s just say they are all retired comfortably. I love the people that work here despite some of the laziness and pure ignorance I see, but they are genuinely the nicest group of people I’ve ever been around.

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