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I Don’t Aim to Offend, But Often do

Posted by mikenopolis on April 27, 2016

It feels weird to be posting here after all this time. But something needed to be said.

Generally I’m a pretty quiet and nice person. But once I get comfortable with someone, my “true self” is revealed. That version of me is blunt, and you will hear exactly what I think you need to know. I’m a firm believer that people get offended because they ALLOW themselves to be offended. Very little offends me. Things that should offend me normally just surprises me and I would think “I can’t believe he/she said that…out loud” but that would be it. I don’t take these thingsĀ personally or to heart.

Recently, I had a cold/cough and someone in the office kept offering me cough drops. And I said “No thank you. I don’t like cough drops”. I seriously do not like those things. I have my cough suppressants and meds on my desk so it’s not like I wasn’t trying to get better. Well, at some point in the day, I finally got tired of saying no and said “Please don’t ever ask me that again, I don’t like cough drops and I will never want one, so just stop”. I get it, she wants to help me STFU, but NO MEANS NO!

Today, I hear she’s been telling people what I said was the rudest thing she’s ever heard. Which really surprised me since I’m pretty much like that whenever I open my mouth. It’s so well known around the office that people tells her “Well, that’s Mikey for ya!”.

Maybe I will change my ways, but definitely not in the near future. I do still hold back and be respectful majority of the time, but if I told you the same thing multiple times in a day why would you asked again? It makes no sense to me.



















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