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YouTube – LonelyGirl15

Posted by mikenopolis on October 22, 2007

I have always been a fan of YouTube but in the past two days, I’ve been on it A LOT because I don’t have much work obligations. I have run into a few channels that I truly enjoy it is from a user LONELYGIRL15. I watched the video that showed up as the “featured video” on the homepage and it was pretty good. So digging deeper, I started watching from the 1st video which was of a teenage girl video blogging on YouTube. At first is was pretty stupid and boring because the dizzy girl was just going on about her life and stuff. it didn’t get interesting until like the 13th video when you learn that her family is from a cult…..

Anyway, go watch it from the beginning, remember it’s all fictional, but they made it soooo believable!

Here’s their “Season 1 Recap” Video, it’s pretty amazing for a YouTube production


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Company just fired my co-worker (last of my team)

Posted by mikenopolis on August 13, 2007

My boss just called me into his office and told me that he will be firing my right hand man (well, we are a team, he’s my right and I’m his since we can’t complete our work without each others’ knowledge of the system). He’s also the person I rented the room from.

I’ll probably be forced to quit since there is no point in continuing when I can’t even process month end reports.

…wow! the right hand thing totally sounds gay!

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eBay Idiots

Posted by mikenopolis on May 9, 2007

Do you ever wonder how bad an eBay transaction can become? I think I am on a journey to the find the answer to that. Recently I sold a New Unlocked Blackberry Pearl. I am fairly convinced that the buyer is not very educated or literate for that matter. He misspells a lot of words. He also told me that he needed to pay me later (or that he tells me I’ll see it later) because he’s located in the eastern time zone…not sure what he means, but I’m in the west coast, if he pays me at midnight, I’ll still get it at 9:00pm. I didn’t get his payment until the next morning after I emailed him again. After the phone was received, the buyer first emails me and saids the wired headset was not in the box. I told him it wasn’t included in the eBay ad, but I’m willing to ship him one free of charge if he likes. He doesn’t respond to that and sends me a profane email (one of MANY) stating that the phone is not unlocked. I had unlocked the phone and tested it out for 1 full day prior to posting the item. So we go into a dispute mediation with SquareTrade (eBay Company) in the end I am convince that the phone does not work for him because he is not subscribed to the Blackberry service which will cost $40+ extra per month. We are now in a PayPal dispute. I have submitted all pictures I took of the phone in both Cingular and T-Mobile service (Proving it’s unlocked), I provided the unlock code given to me by Cingular. the picture of the IMEI#, all documentation and emails gong back and forth. Now I wait for a judgment.

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Work is Getting Easier

Posted by mikenopolis on February 27, 2007

This is crazy. The company has NO idea how much we actually have to do! I’m pulling more than 12 hour days and still behind.

It’s getting a little more manageable since we have automated many repetitive process with macros. Seriously they should give us a bigger raise than they have, we are working as 12 people here! Brandon is lazy and ALWAYS late, but he can do a lot of work in the 6 hours that he’s actually at his desk. That’s why I love working with him. He knows what he’s doing. Still annoys me that he strolls in at 11:30 and decides to leave at 4:00.  I guess I shouldn’t put in so much time for a company that has been reaming me.

These are my Job Descriptions, I was originally responsible for only the first one:

Loan Service Release Manager [LINK]

Investor Reporting Manager [LINK]

Cash Processing Analyst [LINK]

Loan Audit & Boarding Analyst [LINK]

REO & Default Analyst [LINK]

Repurchase & Claims Analyst [LINK]

SBO Remittance Analyst [LINK]

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My Boss Just Got Terminated From The Company!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on November 30, 2006

It’s been a while (a few months) since my past post, I’ve been really busy at work because I have to work with people from the east coast and I’m in the West.

OMG, my boss for the past two year just got terminated at work today. The company has always been somewhat shady in their operation and always trying to cut corners. My boss is all about doing things legally and by the books, after all, our operations is regulated by RESPA!

Apparently the owner (Daniel Sadek) had finally gotten fed up with Chris trying to correct him and they decided to part ways.

I’m not sure what to do with myself, Chris is my mentor in this business and a great friend too…I wonder how the company is going to handle this department since they don’t even know what we do here. Maybe I should get back into computing again!

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Happy New Year

Posted by mikenopolis on January 1, 2006

Another year has gone by. How many more to go…Life is too long, whoever said that life is short needs to die. There is NOTHING anyone can do that’s longer than life NOTHING! I would kill myself, but there are two important people in my life that depends on me, and lets not forget the pets (how can you not live for them?)

When I was young, I dreamed of having 2 nice cars, a beautiful 3 bedroom house a few blocks from a beach, the whole white picket fence and 2.5 children. I’m not sure when it happened, but I know for a fact that it is unrealistic. I mean what’s with the increase in home prices. My current house was purchased 3 years ago for $200,000, it’s now appraised at $570,000.

Minimum wage has increased from what? $4.25/hr to $7.25 hr in the past 13 years? I have calculated this before, if you make this much you end up with NOTHING after you pay rent. How does anyone climb out from this?

I hope something happens for the “poorer than me people” this year, I don’t need my house price to double in 3 years. It was a dump when I got it, it still is. I think the U.S. government should get off their lazy butts and put that money into healthcare or use it to raise minimum wage. This is a classic example that the “haves” continue to have more and the have-nots continue to be have-nots.

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Still At Work, What’s Wrong With This Picture?

Posted by mikenopolis on May 2, 2005

10:30 at night….I’m still at work, I spent 8 freaken hours with Chris today, got absolutely no work done…..I’m just trying to catch up. I’ve been here for 17 hours now…1 pee break, gotta get this done….I may just sleep in my car tonight.

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I Have No Life

Posted by mikenopolis on April 6, 2005

I just realized how “real” my life has become, I miss the days of waking up at 11:00am to get to class at 1:00pm. Taking another 4 hours hanging out with friends on campus then heading off to a 3 hour lab, that’s it! that’s the day.

Right now I’ve been here at work since 5:30am, and I’ll probably be here til 9 or 10 tonight. Chris is a slave driver, not intentionally. But I just can’t bring myself to say “enough is enough” to my boss. I actually have work stacked up because he repeats himself so much….also he’s pretty bad with the computer, he doesn’t know how to use the scroll on the mouse or the slider bar….he actually use the down arrow….I’ve taught him, he’s just old school.

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cout << “Hello World!”

Posted by mikenopolis on October 22, 2003

This is the first “entry” on my personal page. I never understood websites such as “MySpace” and “Friendster” it’s interesting to see people who have such a large community of friends sit in front of a computer to “chat”…Whatever happen to human interaction? Anywho. Since this is a personal blah-g, I shall use it to vent and say things society has somewhat deemed inappropriate.

I don’t intend to put much here, just random things that “anger” me, this is more of a place for me to vent, maybe I’ll go WordPress on my official domain so comments and responses can be left.

As a warning, I must tell you that I type fast…..I said fast, not accurate. I’m not trying to perfect this in any way, so typos will be EVERYWHERE! Also I have a tendency to miss the “Y” in the word “they” and the “R” in the word “your”…and I like to use quotes (” “) and … s.  I have issue okay?!?!?!

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