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Living On The Wrong Side Of The Tracks

Posted by mikenopolis on October 20, 2009

Every morning on my way to work, I have to drive past a railroad track, there are usually a quite a few commuter trains rushing by in the early hours. There is a traffic light about 30 yards after the railroad crossing and that light seems to be on red more often than not.  On many occasions people would stop right on the tracks when traffic is backed up. Keep in mind there are three lanes and an island, if the gate closes and the train is coming there’s really no where to go except straight to hell.

I’ve complained about stupid people many times, I’m not that smart, but I am logical. Why would you literally park your car on the tracks?!?! If you want to get killed, don’t do it at an intersection, at best, the train will kill you and push your car into another car causing only your death. At the worst, the train will derail killing you, many people in the train and a few drivers close to the gate.

I can see it now,  “Man dies in car while taking crappy photos with his phone as a train barrels down on him” to this I say:  “Sir,  YOU SUCK!”

photo 2photo 3

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Infomercials Are Stupid, Yet Funny & Entertaining

Posted by mikenopolis on September 16, 2009

I was watching a documentary about Bees (yes, I watch some weird stuff) and was too lazy to fast forward during a commercial break. As I was slowly dozing off, a short infomercial started and I was wide awake laughing. They were selling plastic containers where the lids and containers are the exact same thing, so you can make a container with twp container bottoms to hold something really tall or use two lids to hold a slice of bread.

No, I was not excited about the containers, it was their sales pitch that entertains me. As usual, it started with the famous line…”Has this ever happened, or this? Do your container just make a mess? Say goodbye to dirty counters! introducing the revolutionary…….”

So you see a woman with a container of spaghetti, fill to the top….then maybe two cups above the rim, next thing you know she puts the lid on and smashes it down, waddaya know?!?! the excess food is now all over the counter. The camera pans out and the woman is shaking her head with disappointment.

Like the Closetmaid Organizer infomercials where they claim to make your closet all nice, neat and give you more space (what you don’t see is them throwing away 2/3 of the junk and clothes). This commercial also claims to clear out your pantry! Here are the “before” and “after” pictures. In the before scene I see there are way over 10 items, where did they all go?

BeforeAfterI’m not saying I’m the cleanest person around, but really are there people that dirty and messy, and if they are, are containers really going to change that? If you are dumb enough to over fill a container with two cup of extra food and attempt to close it. You need to die.

I need to come up with a product to sell! I can see it now, my product, the revolutionary auto flusher for your house, for those who forget to flush…starts with a scene of a overflowed toilet, a guy walks into the bathroom and sits on the mound of feces where the toilet is buried, camera pans out, he’s shaking his head…”Has This Ever Happened To You?!?!? Introducing the revolutionary auto flusher…”

“Shitty” ideal? Your ideas are welcomed, we’re gonna be rich!

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Apple Store Pissed Me Off When I Purchased The 3GS

Posted by mikenopolis on July 21, 2009

I’ve never had a problem with the staff at the Apple store…until yesterday. Over the weekend my first generation iPhone 2G (as opposed to 3G) crapped out on me. I did get a few missed calls and swore I never heard the phone ring. I thought maybe I was in a noisy area when they called. Eventually I realized that the speaker was extra quiet when the phone rang. Upon further testing, I was able to confirm that the speaker was “blown”, or at least sounds like a normal blown speaker.

I had decided that I was not going to get the 3G or 3GS when they were announced due to their power consumption and small/weak battery. However I rather have a battery depleted phone than a phone with no sound. So yesterday I dragged myself to the Apple store after work to get a new white 16GB iPhone 3GS.

As usual I was greeted by way too many of their staff member. I strolled over to the display of cases specifically looking for the Incase Power Slider since I wanted more battery power, they didn’t have it in stock. I then told the staff (lets call him “Rick”) I wanted a white 16GB iPhone. Apparently he was unable to sell me one and directed me to the front corner of the store where it was roped off. I was instructed to wait there and someone would help me with the iPhone purchase. There were a few more people in front of me purchasing iPhones, but the family right in front of me was getting 2 and had way too many question. Just when I thought they were finally done with the transaction, they had to ask the staff (lets call him Sam) where the cases were. He told me he would “be right back” and walked off to help them.

Being the patient guy that I am and also not wanting to lose my place in the mini line, I waited…and waited….and waited. Twice another staff came over and said someone would be right with us. About 10 minutes passed, a couple was brought over by a staff and was helped with their iPhone purchase in front of us (Some had been in line for 10 minutes, I’ve waited 30 minutes!) we all mumbled our complaints loud enough for the other useless employees to hear.

You are probably thinking I’m just that angry guy who happened to have had one bad experience. NO! here’s what truly pissed me off. I’ve been in the store for almost 40 minutes at this point and who come strolling over the assist me? Remember Rick? Yeah, that incompetent Rick I spoke to 30 minutes ago who said he can’t help and directed me over to this stupid roped off area (reminds me of this WAMU commerical with the roped off bankers).

Rick took me through the entire step of “pre-qualifying”, verifying information, picking a plan, paying and activating. If he was able to do the entire process, what stopped him from helping me to begin with? and what the hell ever happened to “I’ll be right back Sam”??? I still don’t know why Apple is so set on having customers activate the phone in store. When I got my iPhone 2G, I activated it at home with no problems. My main concern with activating in store is that they touched my phone…Yes I’m very anal. I didn’t even touch the phone after I got it. I put it back in the box at the store, went to get the case I wanted, got home, washed my hand, put the phone on a clean microfiber cloth, put on a screen protector, wiped off all the dust from the phone, carefully put on the case…NOW I get to play with the new toy. Yes I’m disturbingly anal when it comes to my “gadgets”. My iPhone 2G has never been “naked” except when I remove the case to wipe off dust weekly. If not for the blown speaker it would be in perfect condition.

Another weird thing about Rick is that I don’t think he knows his Apple products very well. I mentioned that my speaker was blown on my iPhone 2G, he asked “Which one, left or right”….shouldn’t he know that there’s only one speaker on the left and that the right side is the mic?

I was later able to get the Incase Power Slider from a Target for $50, Apple retails it at $99.99, Taget has lowered their price to $79.99, but the one I got was an open box item missing the USB cable so they marked it down to $50! It’s a great battery case…if you don’t mind having a phone that’s 1.5x thicker. I just really wanted more battery power throughout the day.

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Michael Jackson Fan…FRAUD!

Posted by mikenopolis on June 26, 2009

I know most of you are already bombarded with news on Michael Jackson’s sudden death. We are all sad, and it is a great lost to many of us. I’ve said for years “music has gone to the crappers”, The newer “artists” have no latent…just like the actors/actresses, art has become a joke!

I was watching the new last night, apparently this guy has been a fan of Michael Jackson since 1969, has had this poster board in his cubicle for many years. The camera paned to the words “we love you Micheal” and I dropped on the floor laughing.

WTF?!??! how can you be a fan if you can’t even spell his name correctly? Sadly, I had posted this once before , is MICHAEL really that hard to spell, maybe it’s just easier since it’s my name?

I think it’s safe to call this guy a fraud and that he’s only there because he wanted to be on camera!


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Posted by mikenopolis on June 18, 2009

I can’t say that I’m a safest driver, I do have a lead foot, luckily I drive a Honda Element which feels like a fat person running a marathon when I put my foot down. Although I’ve been known to speed and “pull my stunts” as the gf would call it.  I have yet to get my first ticket after driving for almost 13 years, and she has totaled two cars, multiple accidents and had 4 tickets during the same period of time. Lucky? maybe, but I don’t speed on local/residential streets, I signal at every turn and more importantly I go with the flow of traffic and keep my eyes peeled when going faster than “legal”, also I never go more than 5 miles over the speed limit when it gets dark, too hard to see the cops. Just because I FEEL that I’m a good driver doesn’t mean I don’t have to put on a seat belt, there are too many a-holes out there that will eventually hit me.

One of my friends hate putting on a seatbelt…no actual reason was ever given. She used to drive a old civic and the only thing that happens when you don;t put on the belt is an annoying red light on the dash, now that she drives a newer BMW. She doesn’t put on the belt UNTIL the alert sound comes on. I have no idea why people don’t put on seat belts. It’s second nature to me. I’m so used to it I’ve even started to put it on when I only needed to vacuum my car. Anyway, another friend posted a picture of herself in her car on facebook…it appears that she had click in the buckle so the alert would not sound and she’s sitting on top of the belt. REALLY?!?!? what’s so wrong with protecting yourself from flying out the windshield?



Trust me this girl is VERY much into her looks…you’d think her type would do everything to protect their beauty…then again not everyone’s got their priorities straight. If you don’t die flying out your windshield while your brain sit on the dash, what’s plan B?

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Negligent Mother Smoke With Children In The Her Car

Posted by mikenopolis on May 28, 2009

As I was driving home from work last night, I looked over to my right and saw a woman smoking while she was driving. That would not have been an issue….except she had a toddler and an infant in the back seat, WTF?!?!?

smoking_with_kids2002(ish) Ford Taurus CA License Plate # 5DFH587

I’ve said it many times and I’ll say it again. 95% of the people who have children, are planning to have children or want children are the ones that should NEVER have them. Not only are they not fit as parents, they are not fit as decent human beings. As much as I rant that I hate children (and people in general), I believe with great parenting, there can be great children that will grow up to be an asset to human kind. Sadly majority of the kids I meet does not have great parents.. My mother “physically abused” me as a child. I was on a VERY short leash, I turned out fine *Twitch Twitch*. Children needs to be spanked and slapped around, not hard, but just enough to get the message across, my mom fractured my wrist with an iron rod! What’s the big deal if a parent spanked their child . The law has gotten too soft and protective of our “little angels”. I say we rip the wings off that angel and make sure he/she doesn’t eff up in life.

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Annoying People Everywhere!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on May 21, 2009

So I’m sitting here waiting to get my new glasses prescription and the annoyance in here has forced me to rant about it from my phone. The receptionist/assistant is a fat mother of six who just won’t shut up about her life. I see get testing under her desk constantly. My appointment was at 3:00pm it’s now 3:39pm and I’ve got two people ahead of me. The lady this with the doctor right now is an annoying old lady who keeps asking questions. Another lady in the waiting room for some reason is telling people not to get lasik becuase she did it and needed glasses after 6 months. I wonder if she went to Dr. Nick. Of course it won’t work well for you. You look 90. Your doctor should have told you that! Great now the fat receptionist is taking personal calls while a customer is waiting for her. Umemploymebt rate is not high enough!

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Just A Few Pictures Of Ghetto Cars

Posted by mikenopolis on May 20, 2009

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Why Some Relationships, Rings, Proposals, Wedding & Marriages Are a Waste

Posted by mikenopolis on April 27, 2009

This PostSecret picture really made me think…


I’ve said many times that I would love to finally get married after being with my girlfriend for 12 years & 10 months. I don’t want us to be in our thirties saying the words “My girlfriend and I are…”. Over the past 4-5 years many of our friends and family have gotten married some had a child or two. I’m truly happy for MOST of them not because they ARE happy, but because some of them BELIEVE that they are happy. The main reason we’ve not tie the knot after all these years is because we wanted to financially build a foundation for our livelihoods before doing so. Money has been a big problem with me after my father passed away and left me to support my handicapped mother.

The reason I look down on some marriages is because some couples gets married and live in their friends/parents/grandparents homes. That’s even worst than renting an apartment in my view. I’m sure some of you will say that I’m “snooty” for thinking this way, but I blame this discrimination on the society we live in. I’ve seen people driving a beat up old Toyota Corolla with three baby seats (and plastic spinners on their wheels). I’ve had an employee ask me to get her a raise because her husband can’t (won’t) get a job. I’ve had friends that dropped out of college to get married and “start a family”.

I know all these examples are just that… bad examples, but I feel like I’m seeing more and more or these type of relationships. Obviously there are MANY happy couples out there who live the “perfect” life where there is sufficient income, family value and love. Their children would be well supported financially and emotionally. But as I look at the younger generation around me (while I’m in my very late 20’s) I’m starting to lose hope. They listen to junk they think is music, they watch reality TV shows that lack direction, whatever happened to shows that has a story, a show that taught young children lessons in life? These “kids” think visible body piercings and tattoos won’t ruin their job search and the only thing they know about a computer is how to go on social networks. I read over 400 resumes in the past two weeks trying to look for 2 new employees, interviewed about 20 of these people and maybe 3 of them will have a promising future in being human. The other 17 looked good one paper but definitely bent the truth just a little too much on the resume. The rest of the resumes are just a disgrace to the word resume.

I can rant on and on about this, but it’s starting to get too long.

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I Hate Dumb eBayers

Posted by mikenopolis on April 3, 2009

WTF is with people? I’ve had many problems buying “Like New”, “Great Condition” things on eBay over the past 10 years. I saw this picture and description on eBay and realized that maybe I’m the only one who thinks the words “excellent condition” is same as new. This guy follows the words “excellent condition” with “some scratches” and a picture of a VERY scuffed up product!



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