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6 Years in State Prison For Embezzling $577,000

Posted by mikenopolis on March 26, 2009

I’ve been quiet on my blog for a while now, Twitter has allowed me to “Micro-Vent/Rant”, I’ve been really busy working on the new house (still) and new projects at work didn’t help. There hasn’t been too much to rant about lately until TODAY.

Scrolling through my RSS feed I came upon this STORY about the CPA who embezzled $577,000 from her employer. I have hated stupid people ever since I started to work (age 13), and had always hope that people got smarter as they get older. I’ve said it before, how the hell can you steal $577K and think no one will notice? Taking a few dollars or some lose change I understand, but at what point do you think a person can loose half a million dollars and say “hmmm, must have left it in the other car…”?

Anyway, What pissed me off was this part of the story:

“Rachele plead guilty at Orange County Superior Court’s North Justice Center to 107 felony counts of forgery. Each count was for one forged check.”

WHAT?!?!?!? I wonder what went through her head when she was writing check #106? how can you do this again and again and again and again…?!? If you divide it evenly that’s writing a check for $5,392.52……107 TIMES…That’s $5,392.52 per month for about 8.9 YEARS!

“YouR A idiot!”

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Frosty Heidi & Frank 97.1FM (in Los Angeles California)

Posted by mikenopolis on February 20, 2009

UPDATE 2013 – I just thought I would update this post with what has happened to this great trio after a few years. They did a podcast show for a bit but are all now fully employed and officiall back on the airwaves! Though they are not all on the same show, I’m happy for their success.

Frosty has separated from Frank and Heidi. After doing some time at KFI 640AM he left and  moved away from LA. He’s been doing a morning show with co-host, Sandy on STAR 101.3FM in San Francisco. Ratings has been strong and the show’s raking is…..#1 within their target demographic (doesn’t surprise me one bit).

Heidi and Frank did a paid podcast program which was very funny since it’s uncensored and I assume it paid their bills since they were doing it for quite a while, then they went to 790AM which is a talk radio station, they were forced to censored themselves a little because the demographic of people that listen to that station is just not a good match, people didn’t get their jokes and seemed to be offended a lot. Luckily, they are now at KLOS 95.5FM in LA. If you live in Los Angles County. You’ve probably seen their huge faces on billboards and buses.

I’m so happy they are all doing well after 97.1’s end. I’ve occasionally turned the dial to 97.1FM and seriously don’t understand the need for yet another pop music station. Maybe I’m just old, but music is not what it used to be and if I can hear the same bunch of songs on 102.7, 104.3, 105.9, 106.7 etc. why have yet ANOTHER station? It’s playing from the same pool of songs!


Today is a very sad day for me. The day after one of my favorite show’s (CNET’s The 404) Wikipedia page got deleted once again, another talk show (Frosty Heidi & Frank, AKA. FHF) I listen to is broadcasting their last show (Links to final show below) on KLSX 97.1 FM. The station is owned by CBS and the board of director decided to go a different route with the station by turning it into a Top 40’s music station. I don’t understand the thought process of the people in charge of making these decisions, but I seriously doubt that the audience of this talk radio show will be listening to the music radio station. They may as well have turned the station off and just have dead air. Ben Tao has posted a blog on the stupidity that is CBS here:

FHF have had the highest rated mid-day show for the past 7 years but apparently with high ratings comes big bonuses. Due to the state of our current economy the station is no longer able to support their talk radio programs with the little sponsors and advertiser that are left.

Here’s their Farewell Video, as you can see they have a HUGE fan base:

What I’m really surprise at (once again) is the individual that brought this issue up and started the train rolling on ending the station. His name is Tom Brown. Brown is a fashion designer who happens to also be a member of the board who decided to cancel the talk radio station.

This is what he looks like, I’ve gotta say he’s not ugly…..but the man needs to learn how to dress (much like many of the celebrities and people in the fashion industry). Why are the people who makes these final decisions always the ones that look like they need the most help?

Pictures are from Zimeo

Didn’t see what the problem is? Here:

Do you want to know what he designed? “Two Man Pants” Doesn’t this look promising?

As I’m posting this, I’m listening to the last show and Frank Kramer has just announced that he’s starting his own radio show called “Blaze Radio” and will be available on For now it will play some of their old shows. I’m not sure what the future will hold for these three hosts. They will make an announcement of “something they have been working on?”. I wish them the best and hope they will be on the radio again. (UPDATE 3/2/09: I didn’t hear too much old shows on Blaze Radio, there was a lot of downtime and music.  Upon reading Frank’s blog, it appears that he did not have a equipments or services necessary to stream the audio he wanted. It was mentioned the FHF was under contract with CBS until September 25, 2009 so there may be no update on their plans until then.  I’m still wishing and hoping)


Update: I finished listening to the whole show and there was no “big announcement” but we did get a farewell video (shown above). I was seriously tearing up watching the video as well as when Frank actually blabbered his goodbye to the audience, Frosty and Heidi.

Here are their current (as of 02/20/09) contact information

Frosty Stilwell
Heidi Hamilton
Frank Kramer

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Wikipedians are Nazis

Posted by mikenopolis on February 19, 2009

I remember the days when anyone could put up a Wikipedia page and no one would regulated it for days. In the recent weeks I’ve been fighting these so called “Wikipedians” or as we like to call them Wikipedia Nazis on keeping a page from deletion. These eff-tards have nothing better to do then to delete pages or flag pages for deletion.

I listen to a daily audio podcast from CNET (owned by CBS) called “The 404” which is a word play on the 404 error message. The 30+ minute show does not only cover technology news, but also popular culture and various subjects in recent news and event. In my life of being at the office for 10-12 hours with retarded old people who knows next to nothing about the tech world, I have no one to discuss my passions with. If I were to have smarter friends and family, the three hosts of this show (Justin, Wilson & Jeff ) would be it. I could actually have a decent conversation with them and not want to slap them….my girlfriend actually asked “what’s that?” when I said something about Linux…it was a sad day. I’m the tech guy for most of the people I’m surrounded by. I can’t even ask someone to pick up a HDD for me because they have no idea what it looks like.

Anyway, what’s with the “Wikipedians”? Why do they keep wanting to delete The 404’s Wiki page? I’ve seen some of their comments, they say The 404 is not notable, or that they have no independent and reliable sources to back them up. I’m sorry, but if you think CNET is not reliable or notable, you obviously have no right patrolling a page regarding tech.

Wikipedians should just be like a librarian. Sit down, tell people to behave and point them to books. A librarian has no right teaching physics, they can tell you where the physics books are and let you discover it on your own. But no more!

Here’s a copy of The 404 Wikipedia page…it may not be up for long as long as these people troll Wikipedia:

The 404

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The 404
File:The 404 logo.jpg
Hosting CNET
Updates Daily M-F
Debut January 1, 2008
Genre Technology, News

The 404 is a daily audio podcast dedicated to news both in and outside of the tech community[1]. Originally known as The Dudecast[2], The 404 is hosted by Jeff Bakalar, Wilson Tang, and Justin Yu. It is produced by CNET and has aired daily since January 2008. Randall Bennett co-hosted the first one hundred episodes of the show [3] before his departure from CNET in 2008.[4]

The 404 places an emphasis on listener interaction. Most episodes include user-generated content in the form of email and voicemail. A live video stream is also available which features a chat room where listeners can interact with the hosts during the recording. They are encouraged to submit new topics for discussion or comment about previous topics.




The 404 records live Monday through Friday around 11:00am Eastern Time. Episodes are posted in the 404’s blog a few hours after the live broadcast. Before and after the official recording, The 404 streams a live video feed which is available online. Viewers are able to provide input during the preparation in the pre-show and give feedback during the post-show. However due to scheduling conflicts the length of the live pre/post show has been shortened as of February 6, 2009.


Wilson Tang hails from Tennessee and is an associate producer for CNETtv. He’s a part-time artist and filmmaker and has written and directed several films.

Jeff Bakalar is a gaming editor for CNET Reviews. After spending a few years in the world of film production, he has settled down and currently lives in New Jersey. He’s an avid writer and gamer.

Justin Yu is the assistant editor of home and hardware for CNET. He officially joined The 404 podcast as of episode 101[5]. He covers the reviews of printers and other peripherals for CNET. He is originally from Orange County, California.

Inside Jokes and Common Reference

The hosts of The 404, after hundreds of episodes, have accumulated their share of inside jokes. Here are just a few and a bit of “well known facts” for any new listener who just feels lost.

  • Saskatoon – A real Canadian city [1] which happens to have a unusually large number of 404 listeners and at which Justin Yu constantly jokes about stating it to be in Middle Earth and to be home to [unicorns] and other fictional characters.

Analog Pants

The hosts of The 404 currently have a mini-series going titled “Analog Pants” (a pun of the common term digital shorts)

  • Episode 1: Rick Roll by the Red Balls [2]

Notable Guests

The 404 has been frequented by guests in a variety of fields. Most are technology pundits but other notable guests have included professional snowboarder Shaun White and Clayton Morris of Fox & Friends.

Other guests:

See also


  1. ^
  2. ^
  3. ^
  4. ^
  5. ^
  6. ^
  7. ^
  8. ^]
  9. ^
  10. ^
  11. ^
  12. ^

External links


The 404 Wikipedia has just been deleted AGAIN (about 6 hours after this blog post).  I guess until they become more mainstream they will remain a mystery to the public.

What is surprising is that this is the Wikipedian (Juliancolton) that had the final say…does his user page really justify the control he has been granted? Here it is:


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search

See also: User:Juliancolton/About me and User:Juliancolton/Userboxes


Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/The 404

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Jump to: navigation, search

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No Fat Chicks!

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2009

Since I mentioned no talent assclowns (that’s from Office Space remember?) wearing Ugg is my last post. I thought this would be a great followup. If your feet don’t fit in your jeans, get bigger jeans, if your feet don’t fit in normal shoes don’t event think about putting on a pair of Uggs. Some people just don’t know how to put themselves together! I really have no problems with people who are a little heavier, I’m not exactly a model of health and fitness. At least take a good look in the mirror before you walk out! I’ve met and seen plenty of bigger girl and guys alike that are attractive.

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What I Drive and Why I Drive It

Posted by mikenopolis on February 2, 2009

I just got around to uploading the pictures from my phone to my computer and saw this picture I took, it was a rainy day about two months ago. I saw 4 Honda Elements parked there and HAD TO park mine there too for this great photo opportunity.  IKEA has always been one of my favorite stores (that’s where this picture was taken) I shoved 3 bookcases and two tables in my car and still had plenty of room. A few people were trying their best to tie things on their roof with twine

I’ve had my Element for a little over 2 years now and still love it, I had my doubts about getting this car because I still have to admit it’s pretty weird/ugly looking. But seriously, I didn’t get this monstrosity for it’s looks. I’ve been wanting to get a BMW 7 series  ever since I was 12, now that I can afford it, I can’t afford to give up my Element, plus it’s stupid to pay insurance on two cars. My justification is I can’t put three full size bikes standing up in a BMW now can I?

We recently got a new house and the move was a breeze with this. When I got the 50″ Plasma TV, we just lifted and pushed the entire box into the car and still had 3 seats. It’s a funny and sad sight seeing people throwing away the box in front of the store (which voids any possible returns) angling and trying to fit a TV into their trunk/backseat (warning to everyone, NEVER lay a PLASMA flat, the glass can break)… Gotta love the Element for their usefulness.

This post has been a little too positive for my personality. Since I’m on the car topic, I would just like to say that I HATE all those effing people driving their BMW 3 series and Mercedes C-Classes wearing big ass sunglasses and wearing Uggs with a tank top and a mini skirt, it’s one thing if you wear the Ugg when it’s cold, it’s looks plain stupid when it’s 80+ outside. I’m just everywhere today! Anyway my point is that a 3 series and C-Class screams poor, ghetto and stupid. My friend Jon notices F-Sticks (check out his post) a lot because he lives in the Inland Empire of California. I live in Orange County now (Denver, Colorado 0-8, Pasadena 9-17, Riverside 17-22, Irvine/Pasadena 22-now) where I see these…I wonder what are they called. You know people who work in mediocre places leasing a 3 series for $700/month because their credit is bad. Living in an small apartment with 6 people because they charge $2800/month, “But it’s all worth it because it’s “The OC” “. I guess I’ll call them Paris Hilton wannabes…but Hilton can actually make a living.

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Why Are There So Many Stupid People(eBay User)?

Posted by mikenopolis on January 27, 2009

So a little over a month ago (12/02/2009) I sold my portable DVD play on eBay because I never use it, maybe 4 times in the past 3 years. It was right before Christmas and bidding goes a bit high becuase of it. I sold it for $60.00, and I charged exact shipping cost. I got the player for $69.00+tax so this was something I didn’t make a profit on which I didn’t care for anyway.

so this is the timeline:

12/02/08 - POSTED
12/09/08 - SOLD
12/10/08 - PAID
12/11/08 - SENT VIA USPS PRIORITY (#420338819101150134711481XXXXXX)

I thought that was the end of the deal, guess what? I get a message from him on 1/22/09 saying that there was a problem,  that’s 43 days after I sent it out, assuming that USPS Priority takes 3 days, he’s had the thing for 40 freaken days, now he’s speaking up? I’m waiting to hear from eBay, this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve heard. If eBay sides with him on this one, I’m done.

Here’s are the messages:

01/22/09 – BUYER

Dude, this DVD DIVX player keeps freezing up every 2-3 min. I there a setting or something?

01/23/09 – ME

Not that I know of, I really didn’t use it much, but never had a problem with playing back divx/avi files have you already tried other discs or files?

01/23/09 – BUYER

I just actually had time to pull it out and I tried to play 10 different divx about 10 and even regular dvd’s and got nothing. It’ll play for about 2 min. and then freeze up and then shut off.

01/23/09 – ME

I don’t know what’s going on, I played an entire movie (regular DVD) with it a few days before putting it up for sale. Have you tried contacting Philips support?

01/27/09 – BUYER

I had it checked out and it has a bad lazer. I really hope you didn’t sell me a dvd player knowing that it didn’t work. I’ve been buying/selling on ebay for a long time and I have NEVER sold anything that was described as “good condition” that was broke. To me thats like stealing someones money. I don’t mean too be this ugly about this situation but It came right out of the box you sent it in broke. I pulled it out of the box and plugged it in and it DID NOT WORK! When I first contacted you I was cool about this and I would of even paid too have it cleaned if needed, but a bad laser come on man it’ll cost me $100.00 to get that fixed. I need to know whether I’m able to get my money back. I really don’t want to report you to Ebay hopefully we can resolve this issue smoothly.

01/27/09 – ME

If you wish to take this up with eBay for a fair resolution, I’m more than happy to let you proceed. This item was sold on 12/9/08, you paid on 12/10/08, I sent it out on 12/11/08 (USPS Priority #420338819101150134711481XXXXXX) you should have rec’d it by 12/14/08. I get a message from you on 1/22/09, 40 days after you’ve received it telling me you have a problem. What does that tell MOST people? that YOU broke it.

Ok now that I’ve gotten through that. I’ve been using eBay since the year 2000 with 100% feedback, I’ve NEVER sold anything and not describe EXACTLY what it is and the condition it was in, I go into detail on every little issue. This DVD player was used a few times, I tested a movie out before posting and packing it. It was 100% working. I do not know if the shipping people broke it while shipping (during their 3 days) or you broke it (40 days ownership). but I am telling you that you have a very very small chance to getting a refund even if you report this to eBay.

And YES, I personally think this is a fault on your part. if you had contacted me a DAY OR TWO after you got it. We could have taken it up with the shipping people, but 40 days is out of the question, Even stores have a 30 day return policy!
My eBay return policy clearly states I’ll refund if the item is DOA (Dead On ARRIVAL), not 40 days after arrival.

If you have a better argument or explanation you’re more than welcome to message me for a possible partial refund, otherwise, I’ll wait for an eBay personnel to contact me.

Once again I did not sell and ship out a broken product. There’s always the possibility of the shipper tossing packages around too roughly, but in the end you are to blame for not telling anyone for so long.

***I’ll update this when I get a response***

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Customers Are Always “Right”

Posted by mikenopolis on January 22, 2009

I love to use Yelp to preview or review restaurants because I believe in “regular” people’s opinions when it come to food. Food magazines and their professional food critics are just too picky. Unless it comes down to more sophisticated things I don’t need them.

Yesterday, a few “yelpers” got into a discussion about what a restaurant owner wrote back to a reviewer who gave him 3 stars out of 5. Read for yourself here [Click to enlarge]:

Now keep in mind that 3 stars is an okay average and that Fuego Bistro has an average of 4 stars based on 24 reviews thus far: I don’t know about you, but I’ve always known that customers are always right not because they really are, but because word of mouth is the best advertisement. You don’t treat your customers bad because you would lose potential customers. When I used to work in the women shoes department at Macy*s (stop with the Al Bundy jokes, it put me through college, paid for my car and rent…along with my other 3 jobs) I was averaging $2,000 a month part-time, you know why? Because women love their shoes and they have friends who love shoes. It’s like a pyramid scheme but I’m the one on the top (well Macy*s corporate is, but I was close to second or third). The lesson here is DON’T BURN ANY BRIDGES! Since my first taxable job at 13, I’ve always known that you don’t treat anyone bad because they can one day help you directly or indirectly.

In this tough economy, I’m sure most of us are being very careful with our investments and financial decisions. I myself have cut back on my gadgetry spending a bit, turning off more of my computers instead of letting them run 24/7,  carpooling in my girlfriend’s Mini Cooper instead of driving my less gas efficient Honda Element. However, since I’m lucky enough to still have a decent income,  I’ve tipped more generously when it comes to eating out. Plenty of people are now saying they won’t be going to/back to this place. It really doesn’t affect me since the place is in Arizona, but seriously, there was no need to do this so publicly, he might as well have put out a commercial/advertisment saying “I don’t care if you don’t like it!”.

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Car Jacker, Caught By Text Message…EPIC FAIL

Posted by mikenopolis on January 13, 2009

Read this story, yet another criminal indication the end of humanity:

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Wow, Talk About Being “Valley”

Posted by mikenopolis on January 12, 2009

I’ve got nothing to say…except I would love to meet her….Knock her the eff out the second she opens her mouth. WTF is this?

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Just Who Are We Bailing Out?

Posted by mikenopolis on January 5, 2009

Companys are getting bailed out left and right. Here are some info on who Citi Group is helping out with their $700 Billion bailout…my old employer who has some SERIOUS character flaws. Personally I think he should be the last group of people to get this kind of “second chance”.

Google’s alert function informed me on a new news story about Daniel Sadek yesterday, apparently Citi Group has offered to modify the loan on one of his personal properties (65 Briar Lane Irvine, CA) in order to lower the monthly payments (which he has already defaulted on!).  Citi recently received $700 BILLION in government bailout and this is who they go help first? One of the head guys that started this whole sub-prime mess? I’m not saying that he doesn’t need help because he is in a lot of trouble these days, but there are people out there losing the only home they know and have, children and pets are being displaced into foster care and animal shelters because their parents have no means to care for them. Sadek has had plenty and still does.

[CLICK HERE] for the articles from the O.C. Register along with a few other things. Oh! I got curious and found out that Miguel Angel Vazquez (The one who stole $24,671.16 from QLF’s escrow company, Platinum Coast Escrow) WAS arrested and it looks like he had to pay restitution and served about 2 months in jail for it…What an idiot! What makes you think you can steal $24+ thousand dollars from your employer and not get caught…it’s one thing taking a candy bar from the company vending machine, this is a whole different catagory of stupid.

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