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Why Some Relationships, Rings, Proposals, Wedding & Marriages Are a Waste

Posted by mikenopolis on April 27, 2009

This PostSecret picture really made me think…


I’ve said many times that I would love to finally get married after being with my girlfriend for 12 years & 10 months. I don’t want us to be in our thirties saying the words “My girlfriend and I are…”. Over the past 4-5 years many of our friends and family have gotten married some had a child or two. I’m truly happy for MOST of them not because they ARE happy, but because some of them BELIEVE that they are happy. The main reason we’ve not tie the knot after all these years is because we wanted to financially build a foundation for our livelihoods before doing so. Money has been a big problem with me after my father passed away and left me to support my handicapped mother.

The reason I look down on some marriages is because some couples gets married and live in their friends/parents/grandparents homes. That’s even worst than renting an apartment in my view. I’m sure some of you will say that I’m “snooty” for thinking this way, but I blame this discrimination on the society we live in. I’ve seen people driving a beat up old Toyota Corolla with three baby seats (and plastic spinners on their wheels). I’ve had an employee ask me to get her a raise because her husband can’t (won’t) get a job. I’ve had friends that dropped out of college to get married and “start a family”.

I know all these examples are just that… bad examples, but I feel like I’m seeing more and more or these type of relationships. Obviously there are MANY happy couples out there who live the “perfect” life where there is sufficient income, family value and love. Their children would be well supported financially and emotionally. But as I look at the younger generation around me (while I’m in my very late 20’s) I’m starting to lose hope. They listen to junk they think is music, they watch reality TV shows that lack direction, whatever happened to shows that has a story, a show that taught young children lessons in life? These “kids” think visible body piercings and tattoos won’t ruin their job search and the only thing they know about a computer is how to go on social networks. I read over 400 resumes in the past two weeks trying to look for 2 new employees, interviewed about 20 of these people and maybe 3 of them will have a promising future in being human. The other 17 looked good one paper but definitely bent the truth just a little too much on the resume. The rest of the resumes are just a disgrace to the word resume.

I can rant on and on about this, but it’s starting to get too long.

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Just Who Are We Bailing Out?

Posted by mikenopolis on January 5, 2009

Companys are getting bailed out left and right. Here are some info on who Citi Group is helping out with their $700 Billion bailout…my old employer who has some SERIOUS character flaws. Personally I think he should be the last group of people to get this kind of “second chance”.

Google’s alert function informed me on a new news story about Daniel Sadek yesterday, apparently Citi Group has offered to modify the loan on one of his personal properties (65 Briar Lane Irvine, CA) in order to lower the monthly payments (which he has already defaulted on!).  Citi recently received $700 BILLION in government bailout and this is who they go help first? One of the head guys that started this whole sub-prime mess? I’m not saying that he doesn’t need help because he is in a lot of trouble these days, but there are people out there losing the only home they know and have, children and pets are being displaced into foster care and animal shelters because their parents have no means to care for them. Sadek has had plenty and still does.

[CLICK HERE] for the articles from the O.C. Register along with a few other things. Oh! I got curious and found out that Miguel Angel Vazquez (The one who stole $24,671.16 from QLF’s escrow company, Platinum Coast Escrow) WAS arrested and it looks like he had to pay restitution and served about 2 months in jail for it…What an idiot! What makes you think you can steal $24+ thousand dollars from your employer and not get caught…it’s one thing taking a candy bar from the company vending machine, this is a whole different catagory of stupid.

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I Love This Old IBM Thinkpad – Model #T23

Posted by mikenopolis on July 8, 2008

I got an old IBM ThinkPad from work (PIII, 800Mhz, Windows 2000), They were actually going to throw it away, it had dead 20GB HDD, no ram, no power adapter and a dead battery.

I took it home, went on eBay and bought a battery ($20), power adapter ($10) and a SECOND battery ($35)that fits into the “Ultrabay” where the DVD/CD/Floppy optical drives is supposed to be. I put in two sticks of 128mb of pc100 ram that I had from like 10 years ago (this laptop maxes out at 512 but I didn’t feel like I would need it for this old thing). I put in an old 40GB Toshiba hard drive I had pulled from an old laptop in college. Installed Windows XP and all my usual software and utilities. $65 dollars and 4 hours later, I was up and running.

The laptop was definitely abused by the previous owner, it had a few blemishes, the LCD had minor but annoying pressure points from either fingers poking at it or keyboard pressure. for $65 dollars I had a new IBM ThinkPad that cost $3000 7 years before. Yes, it is old and underpowered, but I have 7 other computers at home, power is not what I was looking for, I was looking for a piece machine to sit back with on my recliner in front of the TV. With the Ultrabay battery, this is definitely the machine to do so.

I had tested the two batteries in the laptop, I got over 6 hours of active use on it with a medium bright screen, with a PCMCIA Wifi card on! When tested it, I noticed that the battery monitor said this (2 hours into use)….89% battey, 10:11 hours left. of course that’s wrong because I got the battery critical alert at 6 hours 12 minutes, but I’m still very impressed! I don’t think I can get this kind of battery life on my newer 2Ghz  Thinkpad! There’s an advantage for this little underpowered machine after all!

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Work Restrooms

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

Remember a while back when I mentioned that the informal #1 rule in my company was “No newspaper in the restrooms”? Well, there’s been newspaper in the stalls almost daily, but last week was interesting enough for me to pull out my phone for a picture. There was a Reader’s Digest magazine (Large Print Edition) there.

The funniest thing is that the edition’s heading is “35 people who inspire us” so I ask you, who inspires you when you go for a #2 ?

I’m getting somewhat pissed of find these reading material in the restroom stalls!

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Burger or Cake?

Posted by mikenopolis on June 16, 2008

One of our company’s Vendors brought a little gift for us last week….look closely, IT’S A CAKE!!!! pretty huh? wish I could say that about the way it tasted. it was WAY too sweet for me.

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Just Do Your Deed and Get The Hell OUT!!!

Posted by mikenopolis on April 4, 2008

We had a “Pizza Party/Lunch” at work today…the President of the company decided to play a little “game” as he does at each of these company gatherings.

The prize was $5.00 and question was: “What is the #1 rule of the company?” the answer is: “Don’t leave newspaper in the bathroom”.

A few of us asked him if there were newspapers in the bathroom…he replied “It’s just a random question for the game, just like this random company paid lunch”

Look what I found when I went to wash my hands after the pizza!

I understand that it may take a little longer going #2, and maybe reading material is “entertaining” but come on! Throw it away!…at least whoever is doing this is leaving it in there instead of taking it back to the break room…Ewwwwww!

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Official Job Searches

Posted by mikenopolis on November 2, 2007

I’ve been posting my resume on many job sites like Monster, Hot Jobs, CareerBuilder, Jobbing. I’ve even gone as far as to asking professional recruiters like Apple one, Ultimate Staffing and Ajilon for assistance.

First off let me tell you, they are useless. I don’t think they ever even read my resume. I’ve been getting emails with position as receptionist. I didn’t go to college so I can be a receptionist, at least find me a $80K/yr receptionist job if you are going to insult me.

Went to many interviews, but I don’t like most of their immature work environment. One job that I actually kinda like was at the Hilton in Anaheim (2 blocks from Disneyland) I was offered the job, but they only pay $13/Hr. and I would be “eligible” for UP TO 4% increase after 12 months, that’s a $0.52 raise!. Of course I refused, and then figured out that it would take me 22 years to get paid what I had in the past! And that’s IF I get the maximum increase each year.

Year $/Hr Max Increase Increase Amount
0 $ 13.00 4% $ 0.52
1 $ 13.52 4% $ 0.54
2 $ 14.06 4% $ 0.56
3 $ 14.62 4% $ 0.58
4 $ 15.21 4% $ 0.61
5 $ 15.82 4% $ 0.63
6 $ 16.45 4% $ 0.66
7 $ 17.11 4% $ 0.68
8 $ 17.79 4% $ 0.71
9 $ 18.50 4% $ 0.74
10 $ 19.24 4% $ 0.77
11 $ 20.01 4% $ 0.80
12 $ 20.81 4% $ 0.83
13 $ 21.65 4% $ 0.87
14 $ 22.51 4% $ 0.90
15 $ 23.41 4% $ 0.94
16 $ 24.35 4% $ 0.97
17 $ 25.32 4% $ 1.01
18 $ 26.34 4% $ 1.05
19 $ 27.39 4% $ 1.10
20 $ 28.48 4% $ 1.14
21 $ 29.62 4% $ 1.18
22 $ 30.81 4% $ 1.23

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Motivational Speakers, Seminars and Morons

Posted by mikenopolis on October 24, 2007

I recently attended a seminar which was paid for by the owner of my previous employer. The only reason I went was because of the deep discount (the employees actually had to pay $100 for the $400 General Admissions, and $200 for the $750 VIP Admissions). Now I’ve been to many seminars and workshops in the past few year, many of them were for updates on programming and software applications. This however was more of a Motivational Presentation.

I’m not sure what Motivational Speakers do when they get home at night. I imagine them having a get-together counting their money and laughing at us.

I sat there for 7 hrs (8 hours with lunch break) listening to the speaker (she was trained by Tony Robbins) basically telling me that if you believe it, it will come. If you want it to happen enough it will come true. LADY! I don’t know how you get your mortgage paid, but Bank of America expects CASH of CHECK (good checks that is!) I can dream all day long, I’m still going to have to hand it over.

Ok, so that was a bad analogy. But really come on! It was like watching 7 hours of infomercials! And it was because she was like the people you see on TV…”Because I want to thank you for being here today, I would like to offer the first 20 people who registers for the other seminar $50 off!”(you know like the TV ad saying “…but that’s not all, if you call now, we will also throw in…”)

Don’t get me wrong, She was a GREAT SPEAKER, but talk about over stating the obvious. “If you are honest to your clients, they will appreciate you and give you referrals and more business”. No DUH!!! If you don’t now that you are an idiot and motivation will not save you.

It was my fault to begin with. I somehow bought into the hype that this would make me feel better or motivate me. It didn’t and I’m not really that surprise since these types of things are aimed towards people in the Sales Industry.

***I just saw an old loan officer working for the motivational speaker! He used to be a baller with black BMW 535i rolling on 22″ Black Asanti, wearing Armani suits. Look at him now, being told over the PA “Joe, they need some of those handouts in the back, Thanks” HAHAHAHAHA…..Ok that was mean…but Ohhhhh so satisfying!***

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My LAST Last Official Day

Posted by mikenopolis on October 19, 2007

Okay…I’m done with Quick Loan Funding, it’s been a GREAT 3 years, I’ve learned a lot professionally and made a lot financially. I just finished up the last file & report that needed to be worked on, everything is closed out as far as my responsibilities go and they can’t afford to keep me around any longer. I bid goodbye to QLF, best of luck to all those who remain with the new company “Loyalty Funding”.

FYI: I was paid with office equipments for my last week of work, they paid me with two 24″ Dell LCD Monitors and my last “check” was a 30″ Dell LCD Monitor. I’ve already sold the 24″s but will probably keep the 30″ for the dining room computer….It would be great to add this one to my existing dual 30″s in my room, but I don’t feel like getting another video card just yet.

They still owe me $3,000 for other work I’ve done in the last month. I wonder what they are going to pay me with this time

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I was RIGHT! Quick Loan Funding Ceases ENTIRE Operation

Posted by mikenopolis on August 16, 2007

Well, my prediction from a few days ago was correct. Everyone at the company was told to leave work early yesterday and to come in at 11:00am for a company wide meeting. We were told that the company will cease operations effective immediately and that we are to fill out exit reviews and pick up our last paychecks.

I was asked to stay with them along with a few others as contracted worked to clear everything out. My part was the transfer and service release all loans that were with our sub-servicers (Option One, Ocwen & Countrywide) to the investor/servicers as soon as RESPA allows. This will be about 1.5 to 2 months of work….

I knew this day would come a while ago, I’ve just been in denial….at least I didn’t go to the other mortgage companies that were trying to recruit me because of the good job I was doing at Quick Loan Funding. Those companies closed down months before.

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